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Subject <<< UPDATED 04/01/2010 >>> "All I can say is, many of you are close!!!" ***Our Changing Solar System Environment
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Original Message If any body wants to pass this link around, please feel free to. It has a page with the full original article I posted on the first page, a contact e-mail address, and tonight will have a downloadable pdf version.

[link to www.sickscent.com]


As promised, I have condensed the information gathered from the thread "All I can say is, many of you are close!!!"

I have gone through it all and pulled out the relevant information. Let me say this: IT IS VAST

There are articles and research papers in this information that PROVES this concept is real. Much of it has been out there, but is hard to dig up. There are scientific articles and research that are very troublesome, and much of it is isolated to one topic only, seperating the connections, making it necessary to methodically go through the material in order to come up with the bigger picture.

Yep, classic. How many times have we heard that all the information is out there, you just have to find it? Damn! Well its out there, you just have to put it all together to see what the actual picture is.

GLP is a GIGANTIC 'out-of-the-box' THINK-TANK. Xenus, Krispy, Brian, RexKristos, aether, Anonymous Coward 923932 and others... the amount of information we put together is truly staggering. And it connects everything.

Because of the amount of information accumulated that is necessary for a complete understanding of what is going on in our solar system, this is going to be a long, long post.

I have put it in Microsoft Word and it counts as 100 pages!

To break it up some, I'll post them in 10 page blocks.


That way it can be continuous. I'll let you know when it is completed.


Yesterday I spoke with OP of the 'Some of you are close' thread to let him know of this new finding. He said that this is the exact type of thing that made him start worrying about what all this was about, and eventually made him decide to resign from his job and head out away from the city. Remember, he was privy to MANY meetings and video conferences which convinced him that something bad was going to happen with the sun.

He said that I was right on with bringing this Tsuneta Meeting Summary to light.

Also, I have found out, beyond a doubt, who the OP is and that all that he has said about himself on GLP has been validated.

Now, on to this Summary:

Recently I researched a satellite that 'silently' went up that was a coordinated effort by many countries, the main contributor being Japan. It is called the Hidone Solar-B satellite and it studies different aspects of the Sun.

There were a number of things that it found (or confirmed) for scientists. The biggest item of interest is called by physicists 'the coronal heating problem' and also stated as 'chromospheric and coronal heating and dynamics'. If you Google 'coronal heating problem' you will see a ton of studies taking place on this phenom. It seems to be a really big concern at this point in time.

It seems that somehow the coronal area of the sun is heating up to immense tempatures, and it is extremely important for scientists to understand why.

The Hidone Solar-B was such a success that the scientific world decided to build a new generation Hidone satellite and creatively named it Hidone Solar-C. This research concerning the 'problems' with the sun are important enough that the Hidone Solar-B was a "Strong international collaboration for SOLAR-B over 8 years 3 space agencies, 11 organizations in 4 countries." ...and Hidone Solar-C is more important. It is an unprecidented project and collabaration of countries in order to get this 'bird' up by a specified time-frame. In the Tsuneta meeting statement it is said, "We are in the era to build one and only one mission by combining all the resources in the world."

This new satellite's main mission is, "To solve single declared problem (e.g. elementary particle physics) Conventional wisdom may be wrong." ...and is such a unique mission that, "No one has ever done this."

These pdf documents are here: [link to solar-b.nao.ac.jp]

This is a good subject for those interested to research.

SOLAR&#8208;C meeting summary
Saku Tsuneta
(JAXA SOLAR&#8208;C WG chair)
2008 November 21

•Solar physics community should reach common understanding on issues related to our future - very well done

We are in the era to build one and only one mission by combiningall the resources in the world (see particle physics LHC, ILC).

•It is good to have two completely different plans rather than torely on single plan at this point. This situation should not be taken negatively.

•No one has every done this.

•Japan can have one solar mission. It is not clear whether we can tolerate the duration of several years before the start of the

No one blames us even if we can not solve coronal heating problem.

To solve single declared problem (e.g. elementary particle physics) Conventional wisdom may be wrong.

Proposal on innovative instruments may affect the decision

* Why urgently needed?

Final Remarks
•This meeting provides basis for SOLAR&#8208;C.
•We will discuss and refine the both mission concepts in terms of the issues raised in this meeting. The answer can emerge from further study including continued efforts on
Hinode data analysis. Please continue to think about this.
•We have excellent people here, and desire that this group evolves to international working group under JAXA/ESA/NASA.
•We will discuss programmatic aspects with ESA and NASA as well as JAXA/ISAS/JSPEC.

•Ground&#8208;based solar observations continue to very important.
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