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Subject Drunken Ode to Spring;**** Spring has sprung. And I sprang my dang ankle.****
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Original Message Spring has sprung!
And I spang my dang ankle,
and lost the spring in my step.
I don't know if Jesus wept.
and I didn't right then.
But I sure did when
I sprung it again.

I guess I got the hang
of how to sprang
the dang thang!

Oh the pain
in my leg's flarin' up again!
It's filling my brain.

So I bought me a keg
To take my mind off that leg.
That I couldn't take my mind off of.

To take my mind away
from the fact,
and another fact,
that twice that day
I had sprang and sprung
and lost the sping in my step.
Also that once I wept.
And once I wiped the tears,
I started pounding down beers.
I was slamming brews,
and began to confuse
my drunken thoughts
with thoughts I thunk.
I even thunk
I was drunk.
Until I unthunk it.
As for the keg.
Yep! I'm the one drunk it.
And all the beers I thought
or thunk I drunk.

Forgettin all about the ankle,
an the whole keg I had drankle.
Just a drinkie doodle do...
and a Yankle doodle do to you too!

And the more I was a drinking
the more a buzz
my thinking was.
Which impaired my drinking
and my thinking
I was a sight to see!
But no one saw me
Or, if they did,
they must of hid.
'Cause I never seen
who they was
or who was with 'em.
Or if it was them.
Was it her?
Or was it him?
Not him again!
No. That's just me I see.
Looking back at me I see.
From over there in the mirror.
If I was closer I could see me clearer.

He isn't getting closer is he?
I'm getting dizzy,
Ohh! This dizzy is a doozy!
I got busy with the boozy
Hey you!
Is that you or me
that I see?
Was that it?
Is you who I think I was?
How does he do what he does?
He does, does he?
How does
what he does
with who that was
that he does
or was that some one else?
How does that make you feel?
The room's starting to reel.
And I feel
like I don't feel good.
I think I should
just stay on the floor.
How come there no more
pain in my ankle?
I guess the drinkle I drankle

that dang dung
sprang I sprung

in my unspringy ankle.
my consciousness was sinking
below the horizon.
Along with my thinking
I thought it surprising
that the pain was gone.
And so was the beer.
Along with my ability
to see
and hear.
But that's alright.
With no one in sight
or sound,
of where I had fallen on the ground.
So, I had another drankle
of that drinkle for my ankle.
And I would really like to thankle
you for what you wrote.
About the dinkle doodle doo.
That had some drinky poodle too.
Toodle loo!
According to you.
Or was that me.
Anyway I disagree
with what I'm saying.
What was that exactly?
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