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Subject DON'T DIE
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Original Message Death?.....

Don't Die. (its a trick!)
It's about focus, zoom, and interpretation, and control of it! You aren't here too die! think of it like holographic tv, your body is just what you've tuned in with, or be tuned in to! not what you are! and it totally opperates under your sole command. (or even soul lol) you're the remote. Literally!
Remember, you can only be 100% sure that you alone are truely real and alive! the inside your own skin bit so to speak. Everything else, 'everything', is information you alone decode.
Don't replicate what you think you experience in the hologram, 'someone or something' dying in your reality is only your interpretation of what you have been educated to beleive in, its been fed to you all your lives, like a mantra, and the ritual burials we experience are just that, rituals. They're to make you beleive it happens to everyone, well Im different, and Im having non of it and Im really gonna live for ever, not 'cos I want to, that isn't an option lol, we've already lived for ever, this is just an experience, so its all down to choice and I choose my options, Im in control of my experience and death is just a word thats been linked to a beleif, Well, Im making a new dictionary and 'death' actualy means immortal sentient majestic being of all love and eternal peace. Yeah, I reckon that'll work!

Death-You're not alive in anything that doesn't Exist! pmpl

Just understand, you can't die.
So don't!
It's kinda like hypnosis. If I could hypnotize you not to be able to see,hear,touch,taste and smell your mum, and told you to forget all existance of her for ever and I then went and hypnotize your mum, and did exactly the same and told her to totally forget all existance of you for ever, then let you both go, to each one of you, the other would not exist! The idea of death is banged into us like a mantra, don't believe it, all that death is in my opinion is the total ceastation of decoding between yourself and the rest on this frequency or a tuning out of this frequency, a movement of focal observation between two points. And that's it. You are energy! how can you die? Remember, you can only convert Energy, not Destroy it!

Time is only relative to your given situation. IT DOESN'T REALLY EXIST....EVER! Not here on this plane of existance anyway. It's a deception, with one purpose, Distraction! Only right now is real, thats all we experience, thats all we interact on all levels with, and its so finitely now that its easy to overlook or lable insignificant. Removing our control from 'Now' I reckon is the most important deceptions that happens to us,(or more correctly what's made to happen to us by ourselves). Time is like the fairytale story, of the 'not-nowness'. The unreachable parts of your memory(for past) and Imagination(for future), like 'what's gone has gone and what hasn't happened yet hasn't happened yet' Thinking of either one removes you out of 'now' so u have literally no control over your input to your own 'nowness', 'cos your focal point of your own now is wandering (anywhere but now)
We are all only a trillionth of a micro-nano second old lol (if time did exist) one single frame in 'time' IS 'time!'.
Video motion is only made up of still pics, slightly different on each frame, to portray movement.
We see, apparentely, approx 2000 frames per second, a large percentage of which goes straight into our subconcious without concious awareness of amount or content, and is retained. And we reflect a small percentage of these '2000' frames (average adult) back to our concious thought to experience what we see, and therefore, experience. (I'm only talking about one of our known senses in this explanation) We can choose any of the 'frames' so to speak, that we wish to veiw, experience or explore (if they're the right words) but our choice's are conditioned by 'what is happening or unfolding in the enviroment or space that you occupy or are immediately inter-acting with.' points that make the frame's up are prioritized and allocated position of relevence and we observe a vastly edited picture that still seems complete. (think about that one 'cos I can't explain that bit any better).
Think of this. In a car accident (I've had a few good one's) 'Time' seems to slow down, how can this be? In an emergency situation you analize more of the information that you are constantly receiving, eg: if under normal circumstances we are analizing about 10 frames out of around 2000, in an emergency we analize about 65, we edit less, and disregard less, we conciously focus on more of the 'Now' bit. Like live streaming on slow play instead of out-of-sync video playback,we concentrate and see more of each frame so it feels like slow motion. All we are actually doing really is bringing our concious analization of our subconcious thought processes into closer alignment, zooming in, and therefore getting closer to the point where Time can't exist in the concept that we perceive it to be. Closer and closer to the finite right 'Now' you get the slower and slower it must be until you're actually there and time is still, and therefore non-existant. If our subcocious mind is the generator of our concious experience and we could litterally connect the two, then we would, at that point, actually be 'Immortal' as time would be static and therefore for Ever!. And you would also have All choices of All things in All places All at Once! (go deep and think of that too! lol)
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