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Subject Russia says oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico can be stopped with nuclear explosion
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Original Message This is translated directly from Russian, cleaned it up a bit but reading it at the link is better.

Russia says oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico can be stopped with nuclear explosion

Vladimir Lagowski - 03/05/2010

It is possible that unsuccessful attempts to stop the leakage of oil from the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico through the underwater robots compel professionals to take extreme measures. Namely - to blow up next to the damaged wells nuclear warhead.

It sounds terribly and incredibly - the idiotic joke. But in fact there were several cases where catastrophes in the fields of fighting in this way. In the former USSR - five times. When nothing else has not helped. It's now in the Gulf of Mexico, where oil oozes out of the way from three places.

First underground nuclear explosion was used to extinguish burning gas wells in "Urt-Bulak (80 km from Bukhara) 30 September 1966. Power charge was 30 kilotons. For comparison, the Hiroshima bomb exploded about 20 kilotons. Но на высоте 600 метров. But at a height of 600 meters. A near Bukhara - at a depth of six kilometers.

The idea of the method is simple: an underground explosion pushes the rock, presses it and actually squeezes the channel well.

Powerful nuclear "plugs" - sometimes 3 Hiroshima - we have enjoyed until 1979. And only once failed. In 1972 in Kharkov region failed to block the emergency gas blowout. The explosion was mysteriously left on the surface, forming a mushroom cloud. Although the charge was minimal - just a 4 kiloton. And laid deep - for more than two kilometers.

Total probability of failure in the Gulf of Mexico - 20 percent. Americans could take a chance. The chance of dying during the flight to the moon they were even higher.
course, we used a civilian nuclear program on the ground, the Americans as to the sea - under water where the ocean depth reaches 1500 meters.

But in principle there is no difference - you still need to drill a well at a distance from leaking. И в нее опускать бомбу. And it lowered the bomb. Как в фильме "Армагедон" с Брюсом Уиллисом в роли бурильщика. As in the movie "Armageddon" with Bruce Willis in the role of a driller. Желательно, чтобы расчеты были сделаны правильно. It is desirable that the calculations were done correctly. Такая надежда есть: в США полно умных ученых и мощных компьютеров. Such hope is: the U.S. is full of smart scientists and powerful computers. Да и Россия могла бы посодейство&#10​74;ать. And Russia could have contributed. У нас еще живы мирные ядерные подрывники. We still live peaceful nuclear demolition.
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