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Subject WHAT IF... the Anunnaki-reptilian-invasion is an Illuminati false flag???
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Original Message It's just impossible to find a thread or an article about the ancient extraterrestrial race knew as Anunnaki, without statements that they are reptile humanoids. Despite the fact that the expert in Mesopotamian languages, Zecharia Sitchin, has never said that in any of his books, there's a massive speculation about their nature, due several reports of ancient civilizations, as the Hindu Nagas, the African Dogons and many native American tribes, about a race of reptile humanoids that inhabits the underground and eventually kept contact with them.
The responsible by the increase of this common suspect, is David dIcke, that claims to be the greatest exposer of the Illuminati-reptilian conspiracy, that basically states that there's a reptile-human bloodline lineage descending from the original Anunnaki, pulling the strings of all structures of TPTB and controlling mankind in all levels.

But I have another theory.

IMO, the Anunnaki are NOT reptile humanoids and I state that based in our own physical appearance, once that according to the Sumerian genesis, translated by Sitchin, they produced a humanoid race similar to their own race, engineering primate beings. It seems very plausible assume that their nature is not reptile.
So if you ask "From where the fuck these reptilians came from??", I have another theory:
According to Sitchin's translations, the Anunnaki carried several genetic experiments, with many different species, attempting to create a humanoid creature, enable to work in the gold mining. The African primates were on top of the list, due several compatibilities with them, but it didn't prevent them to play with life, testing another creatures besides primates, as reptiles, amphibians and other species of mammals. And they were succeed, 'cause several hybrid humanoids were reported by ancient civilizations, mainly the Greek and Egyptian. The so called Chimeras, considered "myths" by the schoolars: Centaurs, harpies, satyrs, gorgons, minotaurs and many others as the own reptilians.
IMO, all these creatures were wiped off of Earth, during that massive cataclysm reported on Bible, as "The Noah Flood". Many human groups were helped by ENKI, to survive afterward, but IMO the reptilians migrated to underground layers and avoided the ice age. They have a warm environment to develop, due the heat of Earth's core, they have time and conditions to become an advanced civilization based on Anunnaki inheritance.
During the second return, after the ice age, the Anunnaki prepared several human governments, to rule Earth after their last departure. Most of these rulers, based in their own direct bloodline lineage. Most of their elite has left Earth, but some dissident groups were left behind. Probably outlaws and renegades, as MARDUK aka Ra, The Occult.

IMO, these renegades were not in enough number to surpass all human governments and take over the planet, so they JOINED the reptilians in the underground and they seduced the royal human lineages to form a new crossbreeding bloodline. Thus, these renegade Anunnaki have been using their ancient occultist wisdom, to command all these puppets through the Illuminati structure of power.

It seems obvious, that the Illuminati want to prevent the return of the original Anunnaki elite at all cost, 'cause the NWO won't succeed, in case of their return. If some kind of planetary cataclysm is upcoming, most likely the original Anunnaki elite will reboot the earthling civilizations, as usually they did in remote times, according to their own agenda. And I assume the renegades have no space on this agenda.

The former US military Major Robert(Bob) O. Dean, claimed that Dwight Eisenhower met a diplomatic group of Anunnaki, at Holloman AFB in California back in 1955. The conspiracy theorists claim that this group warned Eisenhower about the reptilians and the cloned bio-androids, called "grays". This group offered technological benefits in clean energy if the US government stopped with nuke tests. Supposedly Eisenhower didn't accept these terms and in further occasion made a deal with the grays, allowing them free path to abduct humans to their experiments, in trade of weaponry technology.

As we see nowadays, the agenda of whoever is pulling the strings of the Illuminati, so far is still working and IMO, they made up this whole "Anunnaki-reptilian-2012-invasion" propaganda to input horror on mankind. To make the sheeple fear the ancient Anunnaki elite, to make us accept the renegade NWO. They created the myth of the "Fallen Angels", to scary the shit out of the sheeple. Notice that most of them believe the Anunnaki are reptilians and ignore that these reptile humanoids may be originally from Earth, as we are. The Illuminati will attempt to prevent the return of the "Watchers" and will use us as pawns.

I found two great articles with some similar line of reasoning. I recommend a lecture.

[link to denniswhitneyufo.blogspot.com]
[link to www.jimnicholsufo.com]

So guys, the ball is in your court!
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