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Subject ZetaTalk LIVE Chat May 22 – Switched to Ning Site
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Original Message ZetaTalk LIVE Chat May 22 – Switched to Ning Site

The weekly Q&A sessions held on the GLP message board are switching to the Pole Shift ning.
[link to poleshift.ning.com]
This switch was done this past week, under a new procedure where questions are posted on a ning discussion thread for the forthcoming week, and the Zeta answers posted by Saturday noon EST. The results of this experiment for today, May 22, can be seen here:
[link to poleshift.ning.com]

There are several advantages to this switch.
- The rules have changed, in that first-come-first-serve is not the rule, so that quality questions, addressing new issues or issues not previously addressed, will be selected.
- There are many ZetaTalk savvy people on this ning, who do and can point out to newbies where the information they seek is already located.
- Deflunking ZetaTalk and attempts to disrupt the chat are not allowed on the ning. This makes for a better chat event for those taking it seriously.
- Nancy can get to bed early on Saturday nights, and she’s getting older all the time.

I am pinning this May 22 announcement for the duration of what would be my normal chat time, as an explanation to those coming to GLP expecting live ZetaTalk tonight. I know the deflunkers will be in here crowing away that they drove me away, but I will still be posting pertinent ZetaTalk here, and looking for breaking news here, and collecting data here at GLP. They had no more effect than the deflunker thread they have maintained for a year here on GLP, wherein the deflunkers talk to each other and sign on under different IP addresses to look impressive. As the ZetaSquawk demise indicated, they are a dying breed
[link to www.zetatalk.com]
hiding under anonymity like the cowards they are.
[link to www.zetatalk.com]
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