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Subject Can we see, through the words of Javier Solana, a new world order is coming?
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Original Message Can we see, through the words of Javier Solana, a new world order is coming?
by Michael G. Mickey


On May 11th, Dr. Javier Solana - the European Union´s foreign policy chief - gave a speech in Poland after picking up a ´Man of The Year´ award for his participation in the solution of the recent Ukrainian election crisis.

What Solana said in his speech was quite interesting to me. Why? Because I believe Solana, for all intents and purposes, outright admitted a new world order is taking shape in our world today.

Not only did he do that, he effectively laid out the EU´s plans for the future, why the EU needs to pass its Constitution, and, particularly, how passage of the EU Constitution will help him become officially what he already is --- the most powerful and influential man in the revived Roman empire.

From this point forward, I´m going to feature excerpts from Javier Solana´s May 11th speech, adding some comments of my own along the way.

The world wants a stronger EU!

"However, pride and satisfaction come with a sense of responsibility. While we have achieved much together, there is even more work to be done. Europe is not complete. And the world around us cries out for a stronger and more self-confident European Union."

Bible prophecy concurs with Javier Solana. The European Union isn´t complete. It´s growth will continue until its future leader - the Antichrist - assumes control of the entire world, as seen in Revelation 13:7.
Everyone loves the EU. Trust him on that!

"Dear friends, we are meeting at a crucial time. The case for choosing Europe is as strong as ever. And yet, amongst some Europeans, self-doubt and hesitation has crept in. A sense of drift exists across our continent. When I travel around Europe, I am struck that the very idea of Europe is being contested. But when I travel around the world, I see the exact opposite. Europe is universally admired and most people want Europe as a partner."

Everyone loves the European Union! Just ask Javier Solana! Who wouldn´t want the peaceful, passive EU as a partner, right?
Solana sells the EU! It´s GREAT! Trust him on that!

"Others object to the trade-offs that are inevitable in building a Union for a large and diverse continent. You all know the fault-lines and coalitions: large vs. small; old vs. new; liberal vs. social market, net-payers vs. net-receivers. In the EU we have to reconcile these differences on a daily basis - and we do. But like all compromises, they risk disappointing some - and they do. Citizens everywhere are asking: why this European Union? Why enlargement? Why this EU Constitution? How is it relevant to our new world? From time to time, we have to re-make the case – for Europe and its role in the world. And that is what I will try to do today.

For me, the case for Europe rests essentially on three arguments. First, to exorcise the demons of our past. Second, to extend the zone of peace and prosperity across our continent. And third to deal with a borderless and chaotic world."

The demons of Europe´s divided past are behind it and peace and security is spreading across the continent! There those words are again Bible prophecy tells us to key in on in relation to the return of Christ!

1st Thessalonians 5:3: For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

The EU always learns from its mistakes!

"Nonetheless, this historical review also points us to an enduring truth. The key strength of the European Union is that after every failure, we draw the appropriate lessons. After every setback, we re-group and emerge stronger. So our Balkans misadventures somehow also led to the creation, in Amsterdam, of the post of High Representative for the CFSP. Bosnia and Kosovo gave a decisive impulse to the ESDP. And in a way, Iraq led to the European Security Strategy."

Solana is right when he says the EU bounces back, emerging stronger than before, regardless of what comes its way. Everything that happens seems to further the EU´s cause. This is what prophecy tells us is going to take place as the EU chews its way through the world.

Daniel 7:23: Thus he said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces.

The EU is going to keep growing!

"We should remain vigilant. But in Europe at least, the demons are gone for good. In 50 years, we have moved from a divided and physically bankrupt continent to a prosperous, political Union of 25. From the vagaries of the balance of power, ad-hoc alliances and imperial designs to a new regional order based on peace, integration, democracy and the rule of law. This is quite a feat. The Polish people, of course, know and appreciate the difference.

Best of all, enlargement is not over. Europe as a transformative power has further to go. Romania and Bulgaria have just signed their accession treaties. If the appropriate conditions are met, Turkey and Croatia will start their negotiations later this year. And you all know our long-term vision of eventual accession by all Balkan states to the European Union."

The EU wants to be a global power and build a rules-based international order!

"Let me turn to the third reason for wanting Europe, which is to become a global power. To make our views known on the strategic issues of tomorrow. And to build, progressively, a rules-based international order, built on democracy and effective multilateralism.

The end of the Cold War, globalisation and the spread of democracy have created unique opportunities for millions to better their lives. In many ways, this borderless world is bringing us closer together. But we also know that political violence and radicalism are on the rise. New technologies in the wrong hands could cause unprecedented destruction. Meanwhile, instability and oppression remain rife in many parts of the world.

Gaza, Darfur, Belarus, Uzbekistan and Myanmar: each requires a different response. But being a bystander, accepting the status quo, that is not the European way. This is a troubled world. Europe has to be engaged. Let me briefly explain why.

First, there is really no such thing as doing nothing. If you do nothing, people often believe that is our deliberate policy. The genocide in Rwanda happened in part because the perpetrators thought we, the international community, would do nothing.

Second, it would be unreasonable to leave the US as the sole global actor - or to create that impression in Washington. America needs help and support just as much as a responsible Europe deserves respect and influence.

Third, in our globalised world, things that happen in far away places, such as Afghanistan, can and do affect our security in unexpected ways. Distance and borders offer no protection.

If the complexity of this world is one reason for an ambitious EU foreign policy, then size is another. For what is each of us, acting alone, capable of achieving? Divisions among Europeans all too often translate into strategic irrelevance. We can already see the contours of an emerging international order where new powers such as China, India and others will play leading roles. Time is not neutral. Unless we Europeans club together, future historians may conclude that, at the beginning of the 21st century, Europe´s moment came and went."

The EU wants to be a global power. Prophecy says it will be!

The EU wants to see a rules-based international order formed! Prophecy tells us a new world order is coming!

Solana says the contours of an emerging international order can already be seen!

Solana makes it clear the EU has to move swiftly toward its destiny here at the beginning of the 21st century or risk missing its moment to shine. Bible prophecy tells us that isn´t going to happen!

The EU is making a meaningful contribution to global security!

"Dear friends, in 2004 we acquired the right to be able to say, with a straight face, that Europe is a credible global actor. Whether it is in the Balkans, the Middle East or elsewhere; whether the issue is non-proliferation, failed states or global warming, the conclusion is always the same: we are putting out a united message. We are pooling our resources. And, as a result, we are making a meaningful contribution to global security.

In just a few years, we have moved from declarations to action. We are performing missions from Bosnia-Herzegovina, to the Democratic Republic of Congo, to Georgia and Iraq. In principle, the EU has it all: a wide range of instruments, an awareness of the need to act plus the necessary staying-power. More than others, the EU can bridge the worlds of diplomats, soldiers and development experts.

But we are still not as effective as we could be and should be. This is why we need the European Constitution. This audience needs no reminding of the main elements and advantages. Politically, we need the Constitution because Europe at 25 needs a new founding act."

Is Solana suggesting the revived Roman empire needs some revival in the form of a new founding act because of its recent enlargements? It seems so.

What the EU Constitution can do --- for Javier Solana!

More power for Solana = international impact for the EU!

"Let me focus on what the Constitution could do for Europe´s global role. I see two major improvements. First, it offers a massive improvement in our ability to tackle old and new security threats. Think of the solidarity clause which will cover both terrorist and natural or man-made disasters. Then add enhanced cooperation on civil protection and structured co-operation on defence. Both promise a more capable Europe, addressing today´s and tomorrow´s problems.

Second, in terms of effectiveness, it inaugurates a new way of preparing and taking decisions. Perhaps the biggest innovation here is the proposed EU Foreign Minister. As you know, this will combine, in one person, the ability to mobilise the different components of EU external relations, allowing us to operate more coherently. To ensure more consistency, the EU Foreign Minister will also represent the Union abroad. Our partners will thus have one main interlocutor – something which is long overdue.

Finally, the Constitution foresees the creation of an EU External Action Service. This will bring together staff from different institutions which today shape and implement the EU’s foreign policies. Thus Europe will have a single team working under one roof and answerable to one person responsible for the full range of EU external relations.
It is the cumulative total that matters. If you add up the EU Foreign Minister, the External Action Service, the solidarity clause and structured co-operation, you will see a real difference to Europe´s international impact. This is what European citizens demand: the verdict from opinion polls is clear. And this is what non-Europeans, including Americans, insist upon.

Let me make it crystal clear: neither Europe nor the world can afford the self-inflicted wound of a rejection of the Constitution. Failure to ratify would not just put a break on future progress in EU foreign policy. It could even endanger the massive progress we have already made in recent years."

Obviously, Solana wants to see the European Union´s Constitution ratified, making him the EU´s Foreign Minister. Why? Because, as a result of that, all the EU´s external relations team would subsequently be placed under one roof and made answerable to one man, Dr. Javier Solana himself, giving the many tongues of the European Union one global voice to speak with - his!

Solana´s promise? If he becomes the Foreign Minister, everyone is going to see a real difference in Europe´s international impact.

From Solana´s perspective, all of the EU´s massive progress of late may be lost if this doesn´t take place.

Is a new world order coming?

There is little doubt, in my opinion, we are traveling at breakneck speed, conditionally if not time-wise, toward the prophesied new world order, as well as the rise of the Antichrist, whomever he may ultimately be revealed to be.

Clearly, based on this commentary, I believe Javier Solana is going to be a major player in both those events if the time for the fulfillment of Daniel´s and Revelation´s prophecies concerning the creation of the new world order and the advent of the Antichrist are at hand.

Am I suggesting Javier Solana is, in fact, the prophesied Antichrist in the making? I would place him atop my list of current suspects, but only due to the current position in the EU government he holds, which has been my interest in him as a suspect all along.

Solana´s current position as EU foreign policy chief makes him a prime suspect as he, naturally, handles all the EU´s foreign policy. He is presently, as I documented in a different commentary, an active member of the international Quartet which seeks to divide Israel´s covenant lands with its enemies as well.

Although I could be wrong, of course, I believe it´s highly possible, if not probable, a future EU Foreign Minister is going to be the one to fulfill Daniel´s prophecy of the confirmation of a seven-year covenant of peace in the Middle East between Israel and her enemies. If not, it´s going to be someone acting in a similar capacity on behalf of the EU, in my opinion.

Keep your eyes on the skies, Christians! The formation of the new world order / international order/ global community is being discussed openly, reminding us we´re getting closer and closer to the return of Jesus Christ!
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