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Subject Open Letter to Anders and Others of His Ilk
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Original Message By your conduct, Anders, you put yourself and all your fellow expatriates in danger. You have taken advantage of our laws and exploited our hospitality. Do you really think there won´t be a backlash against you if we are attacked with a nuclear weapon in this country? Do you really think you´re going to be able to be safe from imprisonment or deportation at the very least? Do you realize that during the twenties and thirties we deported boatloads of communists from this country, some of them native-born? Do you think the mob violence that will ensue will spare you? Do you really think that you´ll be safe here in the US if we´re attacked again? I can´t tell you how many thousands I have warned of the dangers we face. But I can tell you that there are others like me who, when informed about the enemy we face, are doing the same thing I am doing, which is working tirelessly to expose that enemy for what it is. Soon the numbers of us who understand what you´re up to will grow exponentially. It´s simply a matter of persistence. Everyday I convince one, two, sometimes ten. I never stop, Anders. I never stop.

The time will come, Anders, when you will be in fear for your life, in the same way anyone operating behind enemy lines during wartime is fearful for his life. You seem so oblivious to the consequences of your actions, as if you have already won this fight. But you haven´t, Anders, not by a longshot.

So far, we continue to live relatively peacefully in the US since 9-11. So far, we have not felt the pain of another attack. But more and more are saying that it´s only a matter of time before the other shoe will drop. More and more are saying that a nuclear attack on american soil is not a not an "if" but a "when" proposition. I wonder if you understand what that implies. I don´t think you do, so I will tell you. If even one nuclear weapon goes off on american soil, Anders, our government will have failed us in their first and most important duty. It is our government´s responsibility, above and beyond all others, to hold and protect us from harm, from within and without. It is our government´s first and most important duty to defend us, and if one nuke goes off in this country, then they will have failed in that duty, as some say they failed on 9-11. But a nuclear attack will not meet with the same response from the American people that 9-11 did. The world will be treated to the most awesome spectacle of vengeance ever meted out, in every country in the world. There will be no stopping the citizens of this country from doing whatever is necessary to vanquish our enemies for once and for all , in whatever brutal fashion we choose.

In a way, we should be glad for 9-11. It was, after all, ultimately a failure for our enemies. Whatever the ultimate goal of 9-11, as a tactical matter, it was a failure. 9-11 alerted this country to the enemies it faces. 9-11 exposed, in a delayed fashion, the plan to take down the US. Russia blew it. 9-11 was no doubt meant to have much more devastating effects on this nation than it did. By underestimating us, Russia has assured their own eventual defeat. 9-11 was meant to cause a chain reaction that would lead to our destruction. A chain-reaction was started, but it fizzled out. Our economy recovered. We won two wars. We established new military bases in Russia´s back yard. We re-elected a president who does not accede to terrorism. And we bought enough time to figure out the Russian plan. The communists miscalculated, left the heavy lifting to incompetents, and now it is they who have to adapt.

What was meant as a decapitating blow glanced off of us, so our enemies have been forced to rely ever more on propaganda and disinformation as weapons of war. But there is danger in that. Communists can be exposed, and that is happening more and more. It is only a matter of time before such a significant portion of the American population is informed of the truth about Russia and what they have done done to our society that we will elect into office anti-communists in such great numbers that perhaps we have a chance to turn back the red tide that you are a part of, Anders. And if time is too short for that, if attack is imminent, know, Anders, that your heroes failed you on 9-11, and they will likely fail you again.

So, Anders and the rest of the communists and sympathizers, be warned now that your safety is not assured in the event of a nuclear attack on this country. 9-11 did not destroy this country, but woke it up. It has taken time, but the true enemy is everyday being more and more exposed. You think you help the enemy cause, Anders, but you and the rest of your radical/irrational clique are so froth-mouthed that you serve only to repel the great majority of people. The American people will never submit to your kind. We will fight you in the streets.

So, while you, Anders and the rest of you who parrot the Soviet line, while you may think things are going your way, also be aware of the risks you are taking by siding with our enemy and doing his work.
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