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Subject The truth, 2012, Obama, and the cycle/ updated
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Original Message He is part of the bloodline. I'm not a racist but he is the FIRST non-white president EVER and right before 2012. I honestly believe that he has ties to the original first reign of Tut the 1st which automatically means Illuminati connection. Tut 1st began his reign (NWO) in the year 1506 BC which would be EXACTLY 3518 years ago from the year 2012. All rulers of Egypt were also part of this bloodline.

Now remember the time capsole in Denver that says ''for the people of 2094''. Well, from the year 2012 to the year 2094 there is EXACTLY 82 years. Now, try to add the 3,600 ''Nibiru'' passing time line.

If Nibiru would pass us at 2012 or the destruction or significant event time is in the year 2012 (or finishing period) then the last Nibiru passing would have been in 1588 BC which is exactly 3,600 years ago from the 2012 date.

If Thut the 1st's reign which is considered to be the first reign began in 1506 BC which is 3518 years ago, 82 years added to that would be the year 1588 BC which is EXACTLY 3,600 years ago. AND is the Nibiru passing timeline 'coincidentally'

It seems that prior to each destruction or event time, there is something that keeps the knowledge of that time and is passed on to the next civilization or secrete society( new cycle). Every civilization starts around 82-100 years after each destruction. Maybe its the coming out of a small iceage or restabilization period ??? The elites bunkered up untill its ready to start the new reign once again.

The pyramid on the US $1 bill. Pyramid, Denver Airport. US MONEY WITH A PYRAMID ON IT. Seems to have a major connection. Basically, with these facts pieced together you come to an understanding that the new cycle (generation) of each civilization knows whats coming. WHO EVER IS PART OF THE BLOODLINE.

BTW, the pyramid with the eye means the journey and climb up the latter to the highest state of consciousness. In order to reach the highest state of consciousness you need to set the foundation properly. To reach the top, you must correct the bottom first.

Which also explains how the Mayans and other past civilizations were so intelligent. They even knew about all of our planets.

There is a BIG LINK here.

Something big is coming. SOON

If you don't believe me, do the math yourselves with combination of facts.

Barak in Arabic means ''blessed one'' which leads you to think more along the lines of ''chosen one''

In Jordan the name Hussien is considered to be a royal name.
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