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Subject Recap of the "Illuminati made an offer" thread up to page 78
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Original Message OP starts the thread stating this "nobody" has the interest of the Illuminati and insinuates that some type of decision will be made soon that will determine the future direction the world goes.

In jumps the GLP crowd with everything from the OP is a lame story teller with a weak imagination to those that worship his every word because he supposedly has an 'inside' seat to this show of the Illuminati.

The thread breaks down into this Theo av who thinks he is somebody but is actually a nobody but wishing he was the "nobody", then there's a Flaming Sword and this Butt Ugly character trading insults with other posters and Theo. The occasional AC throws in their 2 cents. Bible quotes stain many pages dropping the thread in to the realm of the low IQ and religious zealots.

The OP disappeared for awhile, pops back in around page 40 and pisses about the thread going in 3 different directions from the group of AV's insulting each other, says he'll be back later.

Another 30 pages of paragraph 3 continue until the OP shows back up on page 70. He attempts to answer some questions but the bible quotes and insults have taken their toll and the questions are of such a shitty quality that the OP bailed again.
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