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Subject Increase in Lucid Dreaming / OBE's this week .. anyone else ?
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Original Message I've been trying to control/manage my spontaneous OBE's and understand & control lucid dreams for years to avoid the fear involved , and in the past two years they had almost stopped being spontaneous, I only had them when I wanted to .. until this week. I noticed over the years an increase during full and new moons and since right now it's neither type of moon , i'm wondering why suddenly sporadic and intense. They are VERY Strong pulls almost painful for my neck for the OBE's and not willingly but I have learned to go with it to avoid pain and simply not give in to any fear.. the Lucid dreams esp this AM were INTENSE.. I had a lucid dream while in a lucid dream and both were SO real one where I was talking to my (now deceased) Grandmother telling her I loved her and just hanging out with her .. then I got pulled over into another lucid dream I thought i was awake and then felt I couldn't get awake (to go back to grandma ) and finally calling for my (now deceased) mother to help.. then I was with her in a lucid dream I thought was real , she helped me wake up from the previous one and I didn't realize I was dreaming .. i told her about the dream of with my Grandma .. her mother..I told her Gram said she Loves you , and she just said oh I guess it's a good time to dream and laid down to get in touch with Grandma .. I said oh you do that too ? She giggled and said of course ! I then woke up again in my own bed had a hard time opening my eyes because I saw the same room less bright with them closed in my dream once with my DH there and then finally woke up again to this reality which I'm not quite sure anymore is the REAL reality or not after all that ! I'm hoping to get some insight as to what might be causing this increase. Chemicals ?(i'm in NE FL) a blending of realities? Merging timelines ? Anyone? TY !
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