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Subject The final phase - Destruction of everything - Prepare to die
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Original Message The Elites have their stocked bunkers.

You are not invited....

They have known about 2012 for many decades.

They plan to hide just before the end times begin.

They believe that if they lower the vibration of Nature and her people, they can derail this step in human evolution and thereby maintain control and emerge as victors on the other side of 2012. This is their main concern at this time, simply avoiding judgment and maintaining power.

To accomplish this, they are going to create a shit storm the likes of which no one has ever seen.

They have cut into every pillar of society until one puff from Molloch the monster will blow the entire house of man down. They are going to pollute the whole world just to raise their chances of emerging from 2012 victorious. I am talking massive, unconscionable, and unbelievable pollution here.

They are going to do this in conjunction with 2012 transformations for maximum effect. They must thwart 2012 if they hope to survive in to the new age. It is their only hope.

There is no morality or weapon that can stop them, except the aliens who may curtail them, or they may let it all play out as a lesson for all. The real elite are hidden from our view.

Most of the people in league with the Illuminati really don't know what they are doing to the world, and themselves. They are running on blind faith and fear as their day approaches. Pity them.

NWO sabotage combined with 2012 perturbations will be a one/two punch for the hapless world.

Few will survive, so be prepared to die.

And don't forget to watch the world cup today at 2:30 ET.

Get your priorities straight!

Good luck
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