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Subject ILLUMINATI SATANIC GAY AGENDA: Do you know which countries support it???
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Original Message
Argentina became Thursday the first country in South America to allow homosexual marriage union. The discussion became controversial after the Catholic Church has mobilized its followers to repudiate the subject, which defined as a "project of the devil." In response, the government responded with a demonstration called "Sound of Equality." Meet the countries that have already approved the union of marriage between gays:

The law allows the union of same-sex couples entered into force in the country in May 2010. The adoption of the law made Portugal the sixth European country to allow gay marriage. The government says the law was part of its efforts to modernize the country, where homosexuality was a crime until 1982.

Since 2005, authorizing the marriage between homosexuals, however, with adoption prohibited.

In 2001 the Netherlands was the first country in modern times for marriages between persons of the same sex. The couple also has the right to adopt children with the condition that all involved are of Dutch nationality.

In Belgium, the marriage law came into force in 2003, and February since 2004, applies to foreigners as long as one spouse is Belgian or has resided in the country. In 2005, adoption was also cleared.

Sweden and Norway
Sweden and Norway have already established same-sex marriages. In Sweden, where about three quarters of the population are members of the Lutheran Church, although the number of practitioners is relatively low, any one of the pastors can celebrate gay marriages since 2009. That same year, Norway has also authorized this type of marriage.

The Parliament of Iceland, the only country to have an openly gay person as head of state, the Social Democrat prime minister Johanna Sigurdadottir endorsed gay marriage this year. All 49 members of the Althing (Parliament) unanimously agreed to a change in legislation on marriages to declare that the marriage bond can be between "man and man, woman and woman."

Since 2005, homosexual partners can marry and adopt children.

South Africa
The Civil Union Act allows gay marriage, ensuring equal rights for gays and straights.

[link to translate.google.com]
 Quoting: Terra

Be aware of it: The government of these countries, automatically support PEDOPHILIA, once that homosexuals, usually are PEDOPHILES. But do you REALLY know what is behind the homo agenda??? You think it's just a "social disturbing depravity"??
According to ancient Ayurvedic science and Gnostic wisdom, the sexual energy is the "booster" to human consciousness turns on "cosmic consciousness". The human body has a powerful natural energy plant placed in two of the seven main chakras:

IMAGE ( [link to upload.wikimedia.org] )

IMAGE ( [link to upload.wikimedia.org] )

Muladhara aka "Root chakra":It's placed in the genital area and controls stability, emotionally, sensuality, spiritually and the sense of security.

Swadhisthana aka "Sacral chakra":
It's placed in the base of spin (tailbone) and controls reproduction, mentally, creativity, emotionally, joy, spiritually and enthusiasm.

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

Both of these energy vortexes work together to beam up the sexual energy through the "kundalini" until reach all 7 chakras. When it reaches the two chakras of the head, the Ajna aka "3rd Eye chakra" and the Sahasrara aka "Crown Chakra", the human consciousness wakes up, gets out of the usual individual lethargy and becomes melted with the universe. Both men and women, are allowed to raise the kundalini. The male energy on semen and the female energy is in the liquid that women release when get they reach an orgasm. Orgasms waste the human energy, that's why sexual depravity is more and more stimulated, however the natural intercourse (male/female) still attends the needs of the nature. It's part of occult wisdom that the planet uses our wasted sexual energy to its own purposes. But tantric couples, that are working on their libido, avoiding wasting of energy and raising the kundalini, have more chances of wake up the cosmic consciousness. That's ALL POINT: Needless to say that TPTB DON'T WANT a society with men/women awake and aware, that WHY the gay agenda is so important and WHY they are speeding up it. Gays CAN'T NOT raise the kundalini, in any hypothesis. It's just impossible. Quite the contrary, gay sexual intercourse bust the kundalini to lower dimensions. It occurs the reverse effect. The consciousness of homo people gets evil.
The sheeple just don't know that homo sex is usually practiced in black magic Illuminati rituals. For instance, Hitler was severely sodomized in Golden Dawn Illuminati rituals, in order to become an awake demon, a black lodge master.
The ordinary sheeple, regardless if are taking part of occultist groups or not, still destroying their kundalini and becoming evil while making gay sex.
These governments that allow gay couples to adopt children, are "shooting to kill", ensuring the destruction of future generations by early contact with homosexuality.

It's very important you get aware of such situation and if your country are still resisting to gay agenda, you must spread the occult details of this plot. It's not about social disturbances, it's about spiritual destruction.

Mods, if you are stil alive, pin this.

Idol1 damned
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