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Subject Does the Illuminati want to destroy the human race for "GOOD REASONS"?
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Original Message When contemplating the oil spill and the current state of humanity, I think about the philosophy presented by the "The League of Shadows" (which I believe is a metaphor for the Illuminati) in the movie "Batman Begins". Does any of the following speech resonate with anyone? Could this be the Illuminati's actual reasons for wanting to destroy the human race?

You're gonna destroy millions of lives.

DUCARD: Only a cynical man would call
what these people have "lives," Wayne.

Crime. Despair.

This is not how man
was supposed to live.

The League of Shadows has been
a check against human corruption...

...for thousands of years.

We sacked Rome.
Loaded trade ships with plague rats.

Burned London to the ground.

Every time a civilization reaches
the pinnacle of its decadence...

...we return to restore the balance.

Gotham isn't beyond saving.

Give me more time.
There are good people here.

You're defending a city so corrupt...

...we have infiltrated
every level of its infrastructure.

Time to play.

When I found you in that jail,
you were lost.

But I believed in you.

I took away your fear,
and I showed you a path.

You were my greatest student.

It should be you standing by my side,
saving the world.

I'll be standing where I belong.

Between you
and the people of Gotham.

No one can save Gotham.

When a forest grows too wild,
a purging fire is inevitable and natural.

Tomorrow the world will watch in horror
as its greatest city destroys itself.

The movement back to harmony
will be unstoppable this time.

- You attacked Gotham before?
- Of course.

Over the ages our weapons
have grown more sophisticated.

With Gotham we tried a new one.

But we underestimated certain
of Gotham's citizens...

...such as your parents.

Gunned down by one of the very people
they were trying to help.

Create enough hunger
and everyone becomes a criminal.

Their deaths galvanized the city
into saving itself...

...and Gotham has limped on
ever since.

We are back to finish the job.

And this time no misguided idealists
will get in the way.

Like your father, you lack the courage
to do all that is necessary.

If someone stands in the way
of true justice...

...you simply walk up behind them
and stab them in the heart.

- I am gonna stop you.
- You never did learn...

...to mind your surroundings.

Justice is balance.
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