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Subject *****COMBO-BREAKER! ACTA KILLER! *****
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Original Message This is a copy from 4chan. But the OP has an awesome idea that made sense to me anyways after living in Greece myself. But non the less here we go:

Ladies and Germs, a not so great Anon is about to speak, please take your seats and cue the chorus of raspberries and hysterical laughter . . .

Da dada da da dahhhhhhhh . . . . . .
I am proud to announce that last night, your very own /b/ figured out a way to stop ACTA in it's tracks, we've got a plan, we know where the battlefield is, and it's Europe. On the edges of this fractious continent is an island called Cyprus, a fractured island, disputed between Greece and Turkey, and because of this little turf war, Cyprus has a fairly healthy gray economy in, yep you guessed it, Copyright Infringing goods. Now most of Cyprus is controlled by Greece a country presently in both political and economical turmoil. If ACTA is enforced, it will wreck that gray economy, it will further weaken Greece, and give Turkey the upper hand in there little turf war.And though it loathes me to sink to these depths, as I personally really don't give a toss which fairytale country claims to believe, Turkey is a predominantly Muslim country. Should Greece's position be weakened I can only see the argument between them selves and Turkey heating up as various groups of Neo Nazi and fundamentalist Christian fags stick their twisted little noses in and inflame the situation. Oh and did I mention Cyprus is in the Mediterranean, an area already considered to be very politically unstable. Yes that's right, if ACTA is enforced, it threatens EU political stability, inadvertently it could open up old wounds, given the right leverage, it could rip the EU apart, causing it's newest members to leave the Union. Believe it or not, this is not a good thing. Now what I want you Eurofags to do is to write (politely, if that's possible) to your EMP' pointing this concern out. You don't have to mention downloads or home ripped MP3's You don't have to mention the freedom of the net, which quite frankly few of our elected officials give a toss about anyway. You just have to mention that the ACTA treaty, in a very real way, could increase the tensions between Christfags and Muslimfags to a national level. This is a genuine concern. The cultured and intelligent (yer right) population of Europe doe not want to see and series of laws that risks increasing the bloodshed between these two groups.. The EMP's would be righteous fools if they ever let this come to pass, and if the EU doesn't sign up ACTA is sunk. And what I want you Amerifags to do is to keep up the pressure on your European cousins to actually get off their butts and write these letters and email. Ask politely, tease, embarrass, use what ever emotional blackmail you can think of (but don't threaten, we don't respond well to that) But keep up the pressure until us Eurofags are sick of it and actually write the letters. I'll be doing my part, I already plan to write a single well structured letter and then send multiple copies of it to various parties within the EU, including my local EMP, the Pirate Party, the EU parliament as a whole and some leading English speaking newspapers. I want the whole of Europe to read my very genuine concern that this treaty, however inadvertently, could increase religious tensions and even cost lives.
For Zeus!

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