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Original Message Silver has been in a trading range between the 17 dollar and 19 dollar per oz. area for a long time now......bouncing up and down. This has gone on for months.

It is now ready to break out to the upside.

Those of you wanting to buy coins......buy ASAP.

The breakout will be confirmed by a fairly rapid move to 20 dollars per oz.......then much higher.

I have included a graph below.

Notice in Mid-July silver hit a peak of $18.53 and then went lower for most of the rest of July. If Silver were heading much lower, $18.53 should hold as a high point. $18.53 is the resistance.

It was re-tested in early August and went lower again. This still could have been bearish long term.

However, observe what has recently happened. The selling after the re-test lasted about two weeks......but over the past 4 days silver has popped back up and even closed above the key resistance point of $18.53. It closed at $18.60 today (Monday).

As such, the potential for a long term bear sell-off has been negated. Instead you have a picture of three upward moves......the third of which is now just happening. Generally on the 3th or 4th push......the resistance is completely taken out.....followed by a sustained and significant move higher.

This will be confirmed if you see 20 dollar per ounce silver within the next few weeks. It will then quickly proceed much higher.

A lot of this is probably indicative of continued future weakness for the dollar and the Big Boys unwinding some of their illegal short positions.

In my view, once they have accumulated much of the world's gold and silver, or as much as they feel they can get, they will pull their "My Gold Envelope" commercials off TV and get rid of their naked short positions. This will cause an explosion in the price of silver.

They have shorted the market illegally to accumulate gold and silver at low prices. They know that it will go much higher.....as their original actions are intended not only to crash the dollar but the whole world economy.

They have shorted the market illegally to accumulate gold and silver at low prices. Their short positions have kept the prices low. They have also accumulated many other things at low prices during this depression.....taking advantage of both people and businesses.

They pick up real assets at bargain basement prices. They crashed things in 1929 to do this as well.

The rich keep on exploiting the masses. It is in their nature to do so.....as they have throughout human history.

[link to futuresource.quote.com]
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