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Subject BONO VOX: Just an Illuminati stooge of music industry or something else???
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Original Message At first sign Bono Vox, frontman of U2, seems to be just a robotic-mind-programmed-puppet of the Illuminati. There's no doubt!!! But he's too much stuck with TPTB, to be "just a puppet". I mean, he GOT power. Political power, economical influence, voice in the highest degrees of global freemasonry. It's not that usual. Despite the fact that 99% of stooges of music industry, are soulless rag-dolls of the Illuminati, manufactured to entertain mindless youngsters, Bono Vox seems to have a bigger role in the NWO agenda.

IMAGE ( [link to drfreemason.com] )

IMAGE ( [link to 4.bp.blogspot.com] )

He's usually seen in the company of the most powerful political personalities of the world. On the radar, the U2 develops voluntary social works around the world and Bono, supposedly is ahead of the contacts in the political levels, concerning programs of eradication of poverty, diseases like AIDS, etc, etc. What's curious is that Bono NEVER is seen within slums, ghettos, refugee camps, hospitals, and other places where a social-volunteer SHOULD BE...

Bono and his masters:

IMAGE ( [link to www.sarahlaughed.net] )

IMAGE ( [link to u2fanlife.com] )

IMAGE ( [link to www.picturapixel.com] )

IMAGE ( [link to www.ynetnews.com] )

IMAGE ( [link to www.u2station.com] )

IMAGE ( [link to www.anenglishmanscastle.com] )

IMAGE ( [link to img2.timeinc.net] )

IMAGE ( [link to www.imprensa.planalto.gov.br] )

IMAGE ( [link to inspirous.files.wordpress.com] )

IMAGE ( [link to p1.trrsf.com.br] )

IMAGE ( [link to p1.trrsf.com.br] )

IMAGE ( [link to p1.trrsf.com.br] )

IMAGE ( [link to static.stuff.co.nz] )

He seems to be doing a fine job, 'cause recently he was named Knight of British Empire... "Sir Paul Hewson" if you wish...

Arise, Bono! The U2 frontman was named an honorary knight of the British Empire at a Dublin ceremony on Thursday though because he is not a British citizen, the Irish rock star must forego the customary title "Sir."

"You have permission to call me anything you want except sir, all right? Lord of lords, your demigodness, that'll do," the musician and humanitarian, 46, joked at the low-key ceremony, the Associated Press reports.

IMAGE ( [link to justgetthere.us] )

[link to www.people.com]
 Quoting: People

I'm sure that he has a key place in the NWO agenda. Even NASA, bows to him. In 2009 NASA TV just broadcast an entire show of U2. Perhaps to commemorate him 33° on Freemasonry... Who knows...

Idol1 bump damned
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