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Subject I'd like to practice QE (Quantum Entrainment) on a few GLP members. If you have any problem or health issue you need help with...
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Original Message If you have a health, emotional, money, relationship or any other issue you sincerely need help with...

1) Mention it here briefly. Nitty-gritty details not needed; just give me the overall gist, short and to-the-point, and I'll do a free remote QE session on your behalf.

2) Please rate the problem, emotional intensity (grief, fear, anger, etc) or physical pain level intensity from 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst or most unbearable to 1 being very mild.

3) Mention how long you've had the issue. A week? 1 year? 20 years? Entire life?

4) Post a follow-up. Also, if I let you know I've done a session on your behalf, please post a short follow-up on this thread within the next week letting me know if the issue resolved or if it improved (rate the intensity again). That way I'll know if I need to do another session.

I'm serious about this. This could be a great opportunity to get a long-standing issue resolved... and it's good karma for me -- so thanks for the opportunity to try and help you.

I'll work with the first 15-25 serious requests and we'll see how it goes. I may take more later if there's still interest.

You should see results relatively quickly -- sometimes within minutes or hours of the session (sometimes within seconds). I've done this about 70 times with people so far -- usually without their knowing -- and have seen remarkable results.

Note: Sometimes the problem will get better right away, or sometimes it will take days or weeks to fully resolve (though usually much faster). Also, sometimes the issue remains, but you become completely at peace/indifferent to it to where it doesn't even seem like a problem anymore. Both count as resolutions.

By the way, you can learn this yourself from books by Frank Kinslow. I'm not associated with him in any way. Just a fan of his work, which is similar to other healing methods I've worked with, only QE is simpler and faster.

OK. Go ahead. Hit me with your BIGGEST problem and we'll see if QE can help you!
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