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Subject Explaining 9-11 to a child
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Original Message Ok, a background...I have a 9yr old son, and Im taking him to a local 9-11 memorial tomorrow.

Ive thought long and hard about explaining in detail that theres more to this than meets the eye, but i also dont want to make his mind up for him.

I would like to try and let him know that there are such things as propaganda, lies, and other motives that were POSIIBLY in play on that day.

I cant state strongly enough that I will not push my beleifs on him about this being an inside job, but I would like to make sure that he knows its ok to think for yourself, and not beleive all that you see on T.V.
He has watched some of a few movies, like Loose Change, Zeitgeist, and In plane site.

I didnt force him, or explain anything then...he just saw some of them and watched a little.

I would also like to explain how I feel about the tragedy, before I get called a troofer or no-planer.

I havent come to any full conclusion yet, and Im not sure if there were planes or not.

I have been mostly concentrating on the why's of that day, and the inside knowledge, and foreknowledge...havent gotten as far as deciding those things.

And from what I feel, at this point it doesnt matter to my investigation if there were planes, missiles, remote control planes, etc...Im still stuck in the why and who part.

So please, just help me figure out if its a good idea, or not to allow my son to be opened up to free thought at this point, I would greatly appreciate it.

Have any of the members here told their children?

What age?

How far did you explain things?

Thank you all
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