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Subject Anunnaki, Nibiru, Brown Dwarfs, and Gravitational Time Dilation
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Original Message There is a "sacred geometry" that the Anunnaki worship as their "God." This complex fractal geometry is found in almost every level of existence, from galaxies, to the patterns of human urban expansion. The Anunnaki are naturally evolved creatures, meaning, they are the product of the very geometry that they worship. They are the product of eons of "survival of the fittest", and as a result, they have eliminated most Genetic flaws, and have gained a level of profound logical consciousness. Nature is their creator, their "god". This gives them a profound fundamental understanding of the meaning of physical existence. They consider themselves to be direct creations of the universe, their "god", the first, in fact. The biblical "angels".

Humans, however, are not a product of the same process. Humans were created by Anunnaki knowledge, not entirely tho, seeing as most all life on earth, besides humans, is the result of a "survival of the fittest" process, still in progress. The Anunnaki interfered in the process, and created humans.

The majority of the Anunnaki believe that humans are beneath them, in the scale of natural privilege, and believe that humans should serve them, and worship them as the creators, as "Gods."

However, 1/3 (.333) of the Anunnaki, believed that Humans should worship the "Sacred Geometry" that they (the Anunnaki) worshiped, that created the universe, and them.

The other 2/3 (or .666) of the Anunnaki did not agree with this, and exiled the 1/3 out of the Nibiru system (if you know me, you know that I believe we live in a binary solar system, and Nibiru is their dwarf star, the star that orbits our sun like a comet.) Anyways, this exiled 1/3 of the Anunnaki settled on Mars. And then later on Earth.

I guess there is a difference between being created by the universe, and being created by a creation of the universe.

Does anyone understand what I am talking about?

The reason it is undesirable to be exiled from the Nibiru system is because of the nature of Gravity and the speed of time.

Higher force of gravity = faster perception of time

Lower force of gravity = slower perception of time

Time is determined by how "inert" an object is on a molecular/atomic level. This is determined by forces of gravity.

The higher the relative force of gravity, the faster the electrons orbit the nucleus in the atoms that make an object, and the faster time passes. The lower the relative force of gravity, the slower the electrons orbit the nucleus, and time passes more slowly.

Imagine being in a low gravity area, while looking into a high gravity area.

Imagine being in a slower speed of time, looking into an area at an accelerated speed of time.

The Suns gravity field generates something called a "Fluent Gradient Gravitational Time Dilation Field", with time passing at a relatively accelerated rate the closer you get to the central force of gravity, in this case, it is the Sun. The reason time seems constant on earth is because earth has a circular orbit in the spherical gravitational time dilation field generated by the suns gravity. This is an application of General Relativity.

Higher force of gravity = faster time

Lower force of gravity = slower time

It seems modern science is now slowly catching up to this concept.

[link to www.engadget.com]
[link to www.popsci.com]
Much Good Information here:
[link to www.binaryresearchinstitute.org]

Imagine being in a low gravity area, while looking into a high gravity area.

Imagine being in a slower speed of time, looking into an area at an accelerated speed of time.

An extreme elliptical orbit would allow one to skip across time like a stone skipping across the surface of water. At the apex of an extreme elliptical orbit, or aphelion, if one were to look back at the inner solar system, the inner planets would appear to be racing around the sun. As an object in an elliptical pattern were to be on approach to perihelion, the orbits of the inner planets would begin to slow when observed from the elliptical orbiting object. Then on approach to aphelion again, the inner planets would appear to accelerate again. The same would be true for all observable objects in the universe when observed in an elliptical orbit in a massive spherical gravitational field. Seeing the universe at such an accelerated rate might teach one something about its nature. Also, you must at this point realize how this concept would affect perception of visible light outside of relative ranges of speeds of time. Now we are getting into the realm of dark matter, and why we cannot see it. An elliptical orbit would allow one to skip thru time like a stone skipping across the surface of water, and would allow one to be invisible while they do it.

Consider, for argument sake, if an object is emitting light at 1 wavelength per 1 nanosecond, and that object is at a slower speed of time, and now the observer, at a faster speed of time, observes that object, but it now takes their eye 3 nanoseconds to see the wavelength that was emitted at 1 nanosecond, that light has successfully "phased" out of the observers visible light spectrum.

This is what happens when objects get far from sources of gravity, like the sun, they phase out of visible light. This is the realm of dark matter, and all of empty space between solar systems and galaxies. This explains how the stars are not as far as they appear, and why things like the Oort cloud seem to be invisible, like comets when they are in extreme distance from the sun. It is not another dimension, humans just do not fully understand the ones they exist within. There is no defining line between "dimensions", rather, there is a transitional gradient.

This concept is also responsible for why the Anunnaki live so long. They skip through our scale of constant time using an elliptical orbit.

Next Point....

"Spirit" or "Soul", is what makes us individuals. It is a genetic reference, misinterpreted. The Anunnaki gained the gift of "self awareness" via eons of natural evolution, and survival of the fittest. They truly EARNED consciousness. This gives them a profound understanding of the balance of nature.

One of them (Enki) chose to share part of that EARNED DNA with something that hadn't yet earned it, the primates of earth. (He got in big trouble for that too) What you must understand is that there is a profound difference between truly EARNING CONSCIOUSNESS and being GIVEN CONSCIOUSNESS. Humans take this for granted, and have been taught that they have evolved, and earned their DNA, and this is not true, and this misunderstanding is the root of further misunderstanding and misinterpretation when it comes to truly understanding "spirituality."

If you know anything about DNA, you know that there is NO WAY the specific difference between the DNA of humans and the DNA of primates could have happened naturally. It is impossible in nature, and would have had to been done in a laboratory setting.

You see, humans have 46 chromosomes (23 pairs) and primates have 48 chromosomes (24 pairs).

When humans reproduce, each parent contributes a half of a DNA strand, or 23 chromosomes (not pairs, but single chromosomes waiting for the other parents contribution)
There is an anomaly in the human genome, where the second chromosome has another entire chromosome "tacked" on to it, via a SINGLE amino acid, to carry 24 chromosomes in the space of 23.
The only way that this could have happened is at one point a mother (primate) with 24 chromosomes had to have an egg removed from her body, and the 2nd-3rd chromosomes fused, AND THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART, the father ( ? ) had to have a NATURAL 23 chromosome half to contribute. (key word is NATURAL) In a pre-human world full of primates, who had a NATURAL 23 chromosome half to contribute?
Plus, how did the 24 Chromosome half from the mother fuse into 23, while still carrying the 24th?

Even in the impossible event this were to happen in nature to the offspring of a primate, what are the odds it would would happen 2 times creating a male and female that could reproduce and continue the line.

The word "laboratory" comes to mind.

There is evidence of this in every strand of human DNA on earth.

[link to www.evolutionpages.com]
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

The Fractal Geometry of the Universe is "god", according to the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki consider themselves to be direct creations of the universe (angels). Then the Anunnaki used Nature (god) and Knowledge to create humans.

Humans are the product of both God and Angel, for lack of better terms of reference.

This is the perspective from which the concept of God was taught to humans, from the perspective of an earlier creation of God. God being the universe as a whole, and the earlier creation of God being the Angels, or Anunnaki, or Naturally Evolved Life from the universe.

The Anunnaki consider themselves to be nano-fractal versions of God. In fractal geometry, the smallest is the same as the largest. The nano, and the macro, are one in the same.

However, in the case of reality, the macro-fractal becomes more complicated, and rich, and the micro fractal becomes simpler, and more minimal, slipping into only concept, both keeping true to a core concept of uniformity. It is an exponentially growing macro-fractal ascension, an ever widening ascending wedge of macro-fractal possibility.

The Future.....

Eventually, we will learn how to create small portable stars, and how to terra-form planets, and take whole cultures with us, to new solar systems.

That is how Nibiru got here.

That is the potential Saturn and Titan hold for humanitys future.

Saturn will be turned into a small dwarf star, its moon Titan will be terra-formed into an inhabitable planet, then, they will build particle colliders around the circumference of several of the more than 60 moons of Saturn to create gravity wells that they can use to pull the newly created star out of the solar system, and toward a new solar system of their choosing, containing another young earth-like planet, and another Saturn-like gas giant, where it (Saturn and titan) will then forever be trapped in a long elliptical orbit. Then, humans will begin to terraform the young earth-like planet, and genetically manipulate a successor, and then send them on the same continuning journey.

This is how Nibiru got here. This is humanitys future, and past, all in one.

Nibiru = Father (AKA Lucifer)

Sun = Son (AKA Jesus)

Saturn = Spirit (AKA Satan)

Eventually, the spirit becomes the son, and the son becomes the father. This is what it is all about. A continuning cycle of solar system hopping.



The preceding post is a re-post of my earlier thread from November 18, 2009:

Thread: Fractal Geometry, Nibiru, the Anunnaki, Humans, Gravity and Time

Many of the individual points expressed in this post are explained in more detail further down this page. Please read the entirety of this first page before you comment.

Thank You
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