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Subject Women are worthless ..
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Original Message Edit to add: Please, unlike some replies, read this before you reply.

I've been through some experiences the last month that have caused me to take a moment to write this post out. I'm sure some of the things I say will generate a negative response from some. Might generate discussion for others. Might make some stop and think for a moment.

Women are too fat.

Women are too skinny.

Women are too passive.

Women are too dominant.

Women are too submissive.

Women are too controlling.

Women have too many freckles.

Women have skin that isn't soft enough.

Face it, women are worthless.

Women are all these things. I hear them say it every day, over and over and over and over.

Guys, we made them this way! I might not be what we say, but what we do. Everytime we can't take our eyes off of that "hottie with the perfect legs". Every time we stare down the Victoria's Secret when we walk by. Every time we oogle the cute actress on the silver screen. Every time we glance too long at that airbrushed falsehood on the cover of the magazine at the check out line. They see this. They log it. They say to themselves, "That's what men want and if I don't have that then they don't want ME."

I can't really express what I'm trying to convey here, the words are escaping me.

Guys, we need to start showing our appreciation for our "real women".

We need to start taking a moment and letting them all know that we appreciate them inside and out. It's the only way we will stop destroying them.

My personal statement: To all the ladies out there. I apologize on behalf of all men. We've betrayed you. We've hurt you. We've taken away your inner beauty. We've trampled upon your self esteem. I am so sorry for this and I am ashamed before my YHWH.

I might not have done this to you personally, but I am still sorry.

Please, go in peace. I love each and every one of you with my whole heart.
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