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Subject I Give Up: The Apollo moon missions were UN-fakeable. They went and I must deal with that.
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Original Message Wish I tried to simulate the hoax before. Like nine years before when I became a skeptic.

I started a few days back with the idea to prove once and for all that NASA could have faked the moonlandings, and was determined to show how they must have done it.

Here is my try:

The scenario:

All moon film footage and pictures made by astronauts on the Moon is preshot in a secret location which I call ASP control. (ASP=Apollo Simulation Project). There is a covert hardline communications link between mission control and ASP control at all times. The command module contains a live audio/video feed which is directed at ASP control ONLY on a band which is outside the regular communications range. Only ASP can receive this stream. The command module has a form of auto pilot mechanism which can be controlled by ASP. The lunar module contains several robotics with mounted cameras for mission tasks. Lets call these LR´s (Lunar Robots).

Before launch, the moment the hatch closes the astronauts are no longer in the CM. They are quickly provided with technician caps and overalls and the suits are hidden in large shoulder bags. They leave the platform with the final group of support technicians and are quickly moved to the secure ASP location, where communications is already set up. Any traffic from and to the CM is already being relayed using the CM relay station.

After launch all comms are relayed from ASP control to mission control via the CM. All footage from the inside of the CM including stage separation is shot by robotics. Once in orbit all voice comms are sent and received via the CM relay. ASP control gets input on mission parameters and communications via the hardlink and acts accordingly. At the right time all pre-recorded orbital astronaut footage is sent to the CM and relayed back to mission control.

TLI-burn is initiated and the unmanned CM is on its way to the Moon. During the trip to the moon and once there the same processes keep the communications between mission control and ASP control via CM fluid.

At the designated time the LM is deployed, fake footage sent where needed, and the LM is landed. All footage is sent from ASP control for the entire mission on the moon. In reality the LM is landed, and the robotics are deployed for various tasks, like placing artifacts and collecting samples. Once the mission time on the moon has ended, the top part of the LM is launched and it docks with the CM.

The samples taken are placed in the CM by the robotics and the LM is ditched.

The CM returns to earth. At the right time the crew is placed on board a second CM which is in the cargo hold of a C-5A. This second CM holds a batch of fake moon samples, Hasselblad cameras with still photos previously shot and the reels of film recorded at ASP studio. Comms continue and are relayed still. The real CM enters atmosphere. Comms blackout. After re-entry the second CM is released from the C-130 cargohold and deploys its parachutes. Onboard cameras rolling. At this time FALSE positional data on the first CM is passed by ASP control - there is a 50 mile deviation in the location of the real CM and the second CM. All relayed comms end. Any comms after the blackout come from the second CM. The Hornet rescue team is near the location of the second CM containing the crew after the crew announce their position, an ASP team most likely using a submarine is sent to recover the original CM which landed 50 miles further. The original CM is salvaged and the lunar samples are collected from the original CM. The splashdown of the second CM is recorded and the crew is rescued.

At a later time the real moon samples are switched with the fake ones at NASA, most likely when they are put into storage.

End of mission.

So what would be needed to stage this?

Several movie sets needed to be built in a secret location. These sets would need to look as real as possible and would need superiour crane and lighting technologies. Reels and reels of footage needed to be taken on these sets, including still photography using the actual Hasselblad cameras.

Sophisticated relay of communications. Communication Relay stations on both the CM and LM acting as actual transmitters. Hardlink from mission control to ASP control. Directional transmitter from ASP control aimed at the CM/LM.

Insiders. A lot but not as much as you may expect.

- All the Apollo astronauts who were scheduled for moon missions. (27)
- The NASA flight director (1) as the only individual in Mission Control.
- Stage builders/Set builders/Film crew - Photographers (20 max)
- Technicians and technical engineers for all purposes like set generation but especially comms and robotics (30 max)
- Military intelligence + sub (30/40) to ensure the CM swap in the Pacific is succesful
- C-5A Pilots (2) unless two of the other Apollo astronauts flew the C-5A themselves
- Politicians (2) most likely the POTUS and the VP
- Intelligence (1) Director of the CIA most likely

That´s around 125 individuals who needed to know the whole story.

A certain type of non-disclosure agreement would have been in place. The kind that gets your family killed upon disclosure. Technicians and film crew would have been harvested from the CIA first, then from NASA and finally the commercial sector.

Communications would have to be well orchestrated and directed. ASP would need remote control to certain functions in the CM in case anything really went wrong (like the Apollo 12 lightning strike). A diversional operation would be needed to ensure credibility. This operation pertains to the UFO sightings and claims of alien structures supposidly seen by Apollo crews. It perfectly draws the attention away from the actual faked operation.

As to why it was done? Radiation. Why continue? Follow the program through.

End of speculation.

Now ok, creative as this is, there is the slight issue of the live video taken while Apollo was in orbit (several missions). This footage clearly shows that they are in a weightless environment, no wires, no strings, they are in a weightless environment. e.g. you can see collins shaving while the whole cabin is filled with objects floating in zero-gravity. Was he shaving in a C-9B Vomit Comit? Bit dangerous. Also a plane simulating Zero-G only has 25 seconds of Zero-G before you bounce off the canape.

Now if they really were in orbit this shoots several holes in the story, because unless they actually did a TLI and went to the moon, there is no other way for them to stay in orbit undetected (1) and there is no way to relay communications from the "hidden" CM (2).

This is an unsurmoutable obstacle.

I could still argue about the moonrocks that COULD have been faked, but for that to happen the rocks themselves would have had to go through a process to simulate millenia of lunar service exposure which -although it might be possible- is something that would be near impossible to achieve because it needed to be executed so that thousands of geologists from around the world would accept it as the real thing. Nope.

My theory above went up in smoke as I studied the orbital footage over the last few days.

To conclude - yes they went. They did not die of radiation in the VAB, CIS lunar space and on the Moon. Now what they saw over there is a different ballgame. And finally I do believe SOME of the images and footage was modified "smudged" to hide certain artifacts or items on or near the moon. There is probably a clear reason for this. There also might have been a film set where they did shoot some footage pre-mission, but that could have been a failsafe for the case something happened during the first mission (A11) and is unlikely to have been used in subsequent missions, unless there was a specific reason to show footage of areas which contained classified material in the background(s) in which case(s) they probably did need to replace some footage with pre-recorded samples.

Overall - It´s been a nice fight, but after nine years (give or take) I am back in the Apollo camp simply by elimination of all other options.

Reference thread here: Thread: Why do so many doubt the moon landing?

I don´t think I will dount Apollo again, even though I doubt some of the images and footage, but that´s besides the point.

Although I apologise to the surviving astronauts, I wish they would disclose what the hell happened up there which caused all the censorship.

There is something fishy about the Moon. abduct

Spain out.
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