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Subject Craig Venters Synthetic Life (SYNTHIA) Is Out Of Control In The Gulf Of Mexico!
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Original Message ************************

On July 9th I watched as CNN put 2 divers in the water only miles from the Deep Water Horizon site live on a news cast, they were Jacque Cousteau's grandson Phillipe Cousteau, Jr. and CNN's reporter Amber Lyon.

Here is a link to that taping, notice Amber says "I hope that this is safe because my mask is leaking right now and I Iiterally have water flowing into my eyes!" then they went on to talk about seeing things they have never seen before.

That is an edited version, in the live telecast I heard her say "I hope that this is medically safe because my mask is loose and little things are getting in it!" Then they went on to talk about seeing little things swimming around them that they had never seen before... Here is the link...

[link to www.youtube.com]

After seeing and hearing that and knowing what I had learned up to that point about what was really going on in the Gulf I about fell out of my chair, frantically I tried calling CNN to tell them to get them out of the water... I never could find any type of direct line of communication and all I could do was watch... It was that day I knew that I had to do something to let people know what I was learning and it was that day July 9th that I began uploading my videos to the YouTube channel BeePeeOilDisaster... I am telling you as sure as I am sitting here that there is stuff going on in the Gulf that has never, ever before been seen by man, I have seen creatures morphing out of steel and a substance that looks like light colored beach sand, seemingly come to life. eels that can make there bodies explode and then reformat themselves! Entities morphing solid steel walls into creatures and humanoid shapes! I know it sounds crazy... But PLEASE, PLEASE dont just brush me off, if it wasnt crazy they would have been off that site months ago... I have irrefutable video PROOF of all of it!

Think... Think... Think... The government issued media black out, no fly zones, all the secrecy and not letting news media speak to the clean up workers, non disclosure agreements, disobeying the E.P.A., a distance ban on how close reporters are allowed to get to skimmer ships and boom and they have recently banned digging on any of the beaches!

That in and of itself is very bizarre and one must ask themselves WHY? I have recorded over 1000 hours of footage and I believe everyone in America and the world deserve to know the truth about what I have recorded. Like I said most people dont even know about the streaming camera feeds let alone what is really taking place in the Gulf Of Mexico.

I have a very high level person on the ground that works for BP sending me information that is how I knew what camera to activate at what time to capture this video of what happened on September 8th and 9th 2010 aboard the Helix Q4000 when they opened the B.O.P. that had just been brought to the surface...

I have some other very strange unexplainable videos that I have captured and I ask you to PLEASE watch them on my YouTube channel BeePeeOilDisaster with an open mind, my videos speak for themselves without me saying a word, although it does help tremendously if you have me to point things out...

This video shows the deer looking snout animal head apparition with a humanoid head apparition right above it and a ducks head apparition that morphed itself into the steel wall of the B.O.P. Then after the ordeal that is shown in this video the hole closes up to about 1/3 size!

On July 30, 2010 my best friend Kim Bogart that was working on this project with me passed away editing video footage, the autopsy said that it was a "heart attack" and then on August 9, 2010 renowned oil expert Matt Simmons passed away supposedly of, you guessed it a "heart attack"... Needless to say I struggled with my own feelings of fear for my personal safety as well as the tremendous grief from losing my best friend... I know that Kim would want for me to continue so that is what I have done...

Fear? There is no one more freaked out about all of this than I am because I know whats happening and I know what the consequences are going to be... Reactionary fear will subconsciously make people, smart people deny the truth even when they see it right in front of them and I understand that, I wish none of this was happening! I have taken allot of personal attacks and put my personal safety at risk by uploading the videos that I have uploaded to YouTube. I am not just some bored guy that likes uploading spooky videos... PLEASE, PLEASE do not take what I am saying to you lightly... This is not a hoax or a joke or a maybe, its not my opinion or something that I think... I know for a fact that there is things that have come up out of that well that have never ever been seen by man and it is impacting man kind in a very, very negative way.

There needs to be an independent investigation into what is REALLY going on in the Gulf Of Mexico!

God speed...



What is taking place is this... Underneath the Gulf of Mexico is a huge amount of "Crude Oil" which is a form of biological material that has decayed for hundreds, thousands or even millions of years. That is how the crude is made... Matt Simmons called it "Dirty Oil" meaning that the origins of the biological material was in question and it contained all types of bacterias and bugs never before seen... So Craig Venter and his group of scientists had began working with the oil industry a few years back they were trying to develop a self replicating micro organism that would help to break down this "Dirty Oil" because in its crude state it was like tar, very thick and difficult to get it flowing which resulted in low recovery rates... So for motivation a huge check was waived in the face of Venter... Well this set the stage for mistakes, blinded by greed and in a rush to get that money ($600,000,000.00) Venter and team cut corners and they NEVER did proper testing on what they were about to release into the Gulf of Mexico... They pumped this newly formed genome (SYNTHIA) into the massive underground oil reservoir and it began to mutate with the cells and carbon that was from the original biological material which is now being speculated to be from an ancient human civilization as well as many different types of animals some now extinct. SYNTHIA did its thing breaking down the thick tar's viscosity and as a by product it produced a form of gas and this gas filled the newly opened areas and over time pressures began to build and that very well could be what began the steps that resulted in the explosion... (Blow out)

Then after the blow out and the Gulf began to fill with oil this genome was tweaked once again to program it to help get rid of the oil by making it the food source, in a sense eating the oil... So once again SYNTHIA was pumped into the Gulf of Mexico and then the two versions mutated with one another creating a third version and the controls that Venter and his group had for versions 1 and 2 would not work on this newly mutated 3rd version and it is that which is now totally out of control in the Gulf of Mexico... People now are suggesting that the biological material that decayed to make the huge, huge amount of crude under the Gulf are the remains of some ancient now extinct animals and human civilization and SYNTHIA is mutating with those cells and thus the humanoid and animal apparitions that we see in my videos...

One of the ways the second version of SYNTHIA was introduced to the Gulf was they had mixed it in with the Corexit 9500 so when they where spraying from the air planes it was not just Corexit 9500 but it was a diabolical mixture made by Craig Venter and company... It was this spraying that spread it into the populated areas and now people are being eaten from the inside out, horrific skin lesions, internal bleeding, bleeding from vaginal and anal areas all are being reported more and more frequently according to Dr. Ott!

SYNTHIA version 3 is mutating once again with the fresh human biological material and creating SYNTHIA version 4... That is how SYNTHIA works as it is self replicating and it is programmed to adapt to any environment and it is resistant to all known antibiotics... This could very well be the biggest event to happen to man kind and yet there are still so many that do not even have a clue as to what is REALLY going on...



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