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Subject I had a huge UFO experience and need to hear from others if they have seen same...
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Original Message My experience happened a long time ago, nearly 20 years now, and it was so profound, that I am desperate to hear if anyone else had a similar experience. I have been searching and researching for an UFO experience like mine, and as I have found things similar I have not found a replica of what we saw.

It was in September of 1991, three months after my son was born, that we decided to take a camping trip to Lake Camanche (near Stockton, Calif.) On the trip was my husband and I, newborn son, roommate, neighbors and their three kids, and two other families. We camped right on waters edge and lined all of our vehicles in a row with tents in between.

As the first night came, I put my baby down to sleep around nine pm and sat and watched the stars for a couple hours before going to sleep. My husband and our roommate sat outside of our van and drank a couple beers long after I had gone to bed.

The next day was a typical camping venture. Breakfast in the morning, swimming and boating with the group for most of the day, then back to camp sight for dinner and relaxation. The sun started to go down and I had everything all cleaned up and baby put to sleep. I sat in a lawn chair and wanted to star gaze and relax. My husband and roommate (I will call him Rob for the sake of anonymity) decided to do some fishing off the docked boat. Our other friends had turned in very early (which seemed strange but, whatever...) It was about 9:30pm.

I was sitting in the chair and looking skyward and was thinking to myself how cool it would be to see a UFO. I had been a science enthusiast, big fan of astro-physics and avid subscriber to OMNI magazine. I wished to see something unusual in this night sky.

After sitting there for about a half an hour a military jet (with on huge burner in the back) came soaring across the sky. I thought to myself, is there a base nearby? I yelled over to Rob, "you guys see that?" Rob answered... yes in a tone of one who sees something suspicious. The docked boat was only ten yards or so from me, where they were fishing.

In another 15 minutes another jet went screeching by, same path going in the same direction. It was not an F-16, and not readily familiar. I have been to many, many air shows at Moffet field, and had seen so many military aircraft before. This was different. It was faster, had only one burner in the back and looked like a rocket (I couldn't see wings.)

Now the sun was down and it was totally dark outside. The men were still in the boat and I was seated at our picnic table near our vehicle. The view from our campsite was lake in front of us and a flat barren area directly behind with a few small trees, then small hills behind that. All of a sudden there were lights just above one of the small hills behind me, bright lights, like giant headlights that started to lower toward the top of the hill.

I yelled over to Rob, "you guys seeing this? What is that?" The men started out of the boat to come closer to me. I reached into the van and pulled out the binoculars. This thing looked like a small plane that planned to land right on top of that hill. I asked Rob, is there an airport around here? He said, not really.

We sat and watched this silent craft with two bright white headlights slowly descend toward the top of this small hill maybe 1/2 mile away from us. As we watched some twenty minutes the lights suddenly went off and what was left was a single row of colored lights all changing colors (not blinking, but morphing into other colors.) Strange colors like mint green, and pale red, and orange, and electric blue. They did not blink, they morphed into the other colors, no real pattern emerged.

It sat there for what seemed forever and we watched it each taking turns with the binoculars. As we watched, there were a few more that emerged surrounding the area in a semi-circle. We counted 14 by the time the night ended.

I was getting a little nervous now and wanted my husband to pack up our stuff and get me and my baby out of there. He refused to go. Now here is the trippy part. Just then, a giant flourescent green orb appeared in one of the small trees behind us. My husband was watching thru the binoculars and Rob and I stood and stared with naked eye in complete awe. "What the hell is that?" Rob said. This orb, probably 5 feet in diameter and glowing a bright neon green, floated back and forth among the leaves of this small tree. We saw some campers approach the tree and as they drew near, the orb passed down the trunk of the tree and dashed to the right then vanished into thin air.

At this point I am freaking....

While we stood there, my husband scanning the horizon not ever letting go of the binoculars, said for us to look to the left. The three of us stood there in complete awe as a giant projected image, rectangular in shape, like a movie screen without the screen image only, vertical and producing images of which all three of us saw something different. It was from the ground up about 15 feet high, and about two car lengths long. It sat there for almost 20 minutes.

I heard my husband say to Rob, "that is the same thing we saw last night over the water?" I said "you guys saw this last night?" they said yes, and pointed to the area on the lake where it manifested.

I am crying now and begging husband to take me and baby home. He was completely enamored by this event and refused to go. I went into the van and snuggled up with my baby and laid there completely freaked out. I heard the frogs and crickets outside all night, but all of a sudden they sang in total unison. Not a fluttery fluctuation of tones and chirps, but one tone without interruption, and extended out for a long period of time. It sounded electric, not natural. I fell asleep to this sound, not sure how I could sleep, but I did. The next day I woke up and demanded that we go home. Husband relented and we packed and left.

After we got home I started making some calls to see who I report this event to. I got the number for MUFON and made the call. A few days later, field reps from MUFON were at our house, interviewing all of us in separate rooms with tape recorders and questionnaires. One asked me to draw a sketch of the scene which I did. They kept it along with all of our interview questions.

A big wig from MUFON called me up some short time after that and asked if he and his field rep could take me up to the site so I could show them where we saw everything. I didn't want to go but husband and roommate refused to get involved so the MUFON guy pushed for me to go and I relented.

We drive up there and I pointed out everything we saw, gave a timeline and all, and they held up my drawings and even commented how accurate my sketches were to the lay of the land. As we drove home, the MUFON guy's wife shared stories of her abduction tales which frightened me and I felt like her eyes changed in a creepy way which caused me to panic.

They stopped someplace to have lunch and the MUFON man regaled so many conspiracy stories (and I am a pretty astute person, avid reader, fairly intelligent, not easily rattled) and by the time I got home, I felt totally overwhelmed with information and couldn't pick out one conspiracy theory to explain to the men when I got there. i was exhausted and confused and freaked.

About three months later, I had been going to vocational school at night, and came home one weeknight around 10:30 PM. One of the crafts that we saw at the lake was directly above my home. I wanted another set of eyes on it so i went into the house and made up a story to get my husband outside. He came out and I pointed up above our roof. He said, "Yep, thats one of them." and went back into the house.

I immediately pulled the card that the MUFON people gave me and phoned the field rep to report that a craft was right above our house. He said he was in San Mateo and couldn't get there fast but that he was on his way. I knew it would be gone by then. I got my baby out of his crib and brought him into the bedroom with me, where I sat and rocked him for quite some time. I could hear what sounded like distorted radio noise in the middle of my head, not hearing with my ears, but the sound was in the center of my head. I was crying, husband seemed completely oblivious and unaffected despite the fact that I was near hysterics. He dosed off to the nightly news.

to make a long story short, after that night, I felt an intensely strong presence eminated from the back of my head. This presence did not leave me for even one moment for two and half years. We started having paranormal experiences almost every two or three days, objects moving, whispered voices in our ears, shadows on the walls at night, weird crank phone calls. I was scared all the time and refused to be home alone at night. Everyone thought I was losing it... maybe I was.

I appealed to my father who finally got on the phone when MUFON guy called yet another time to get more info from me. I told my father that I didn't want to talk to them anymore, that they scared me and confused me. Dad got on the phone and angrily told this man to never call me again.

The paranormal stuff continued and started to go after my small child when a toy came barrelling off a shelf in his room and hit him on the back of his head. This made me so angry that I searched for ways to protect us from this strong invisible force that took over our lives.

How I got free is another long story...
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