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Subject OPERATION TERRA - Closing Thoughts
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July 9, 2005

As I write this, I am actively preparing to leave the planet and lead the way up onto the ships. If you are reading this page after August 1, 2005, then you may safely assume I have gone and that the others will follow. If I am still here on August 1, I will put up a different page and say so. No one will have to guess whether I have gone or not. I will not make excuses and I will not re-invent things to prolong them. That being said, here is the overview of what has happened and what remains to occur, according to my present understanding. Please note that the following description only refers to the timeline that leads to Terra. People who are on other timelines will not experience the Pole Shift that is referred to in Phase Three or what follows in Phases Four and Five. That implies that the timelines will have fully separated from each other by sometime in 2007.

PREPARATION PHASE: Operation Terra is part of a long-term plan for this Creation, begun 4.5 billion years ago in a pact between 144,000 archetypal energies that we refer to as the Elohim. These are not embodied beings, but vast fields of intelligent, self-aware energies, only slightly more finite than the Creator Itself. The Elohim precipitated this reality out of their beingness, just as they themselves had been created by the Creator as the product of the First Thought. We are now approaching the end of this creation and this creation-cycle. Operation Terra is the part of the Plan that will result in a new Earth, which we call Terra. There are other Earths that will also result, but they are not Terra.

In the seeding of THIS creation, it was always intended for it to lead to yet another creation, and so everything that has occurred in THIS creation was in one sense a preparation for the next one. From a strictly personal view, my preparation for my role as messenger for the Messages began long ago, but it really went into an active phase on March 9, 1981, when the being we refer to as the Christ appeared in my bedroom and called me to this path. From March 9, 1981 until late June, 1999, I was trained for my solitary role, and as far as I know, I am still the only person who carries the blueprint for this "op."

PHASE ONE began when I was asked to deliver a series of Messages from the Hosts of Heaven. The first Message came in on June 30, 1999 and the last one was delivered on May 6, 2005. Due to the "Change in Plans" reported in that last Message, Phase One is now complete. There will be no more Messages from the Hosts and Volume Three will remain as it is. It will not be published in book form.

PHASE TWO began on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2004. The tsunamis in Asia occurred two days later, and those of the first two waves of the "op" began to intensify their response to the call to align with the vision of Terra. The "Time of Ingathering" had indeed arrived. Phase Two includes the lifting of those who are part of the first two waves, and it will conclude at the end of December, 2005.

Current information indicates that I will go up at the end of this month (July 2005) and the last of the first wave will go up by October 22. The first wave numbers less than 100 people, but there are many more already on the ships with whom they will work and interact. There will be a period of overlap between the first and second waves, with the second wave beginning to go up in September and completing their lifting onto the ships by the end of December. Approximately 4,000 of them are on the ground, with the rest of them already on the ships. That will complete Phase Two.

PHASE THREE will begin with the transformation of the first two waves into their full-consciousness state and 4D bodies and conclude with the evacuation and the Pole Shift. There will be some adaptation required for those of us who are moving into 4D from 3D, and we will be assisted and cared for by those who are already on the ships in 4D. It is at this stage that the people of the first two waves will be reunited with their twins. Phase Three encompasses the preparations for the evacuation of the special forces (approximately 3,000 people) and the third wave (approximately 5-6 million people) during the time of the final cataclysms, which I am still expecting to occur during the three months of March-May, 2007. The Pole Shift refers to an actual shift of the Earth´s rotational axis, not a shift in the magnetic poles or the lines of magnetic flux ("ley lines" or "dragon lines"), which has already been occurring for many years (the magnetic north pole has already wandered off the North American continent and is currently located in international waters, according to reports from recent scientific studies). After the Pole Shift occurs, Earth will not contain any life above the mineral kingdom and will remain barren at the 3D level for a very long time.

Phase Three will conclude with our arrival on the large mothership, which I refer to as Midway Station. I expect this to occur somewhere around July 2007. Midway Station is around 80% the size of Earth and is spherical in shape. You can read more about the ships in the Message, "Across the Great Divide," in Volume Two of the Messages.

PHASE FOUR will encompass our time on Midway Station, where we will prepare to colonize Terra. During Phase Four, those who were lifted at the end of Phase Three will complete their transformation, with the assistance of everyone who was part of the earlier phases of the "op." Special measures will allow them to make the transition to 4D safely and gradually. During this time, everyone will be prepared for their part in the colonization of Terra. During Phase Four, Earth will be completing her own ascension and quantum leap into manifesting as Terra, which will appear as a blue-white star when viewed from 3D with 3D instruments. To those in 4D, she will appear as a beautiful planet, surrounded in blue-white light.

PHASE FIVE will encompass the actual colonization of Terra, and will conclude with the birth and maturation of the first generation of Terra-born children. When they are ready to take their places as full citizens of Terra and are able to self-govern, those of us who have acted as the pioneers will depart for other adventures. None of us who are the pioneers will remain on Terra for the normal lifespan of 350-500 years. We will only remain until Terra is fully established. When we leave, Phase Five and Operation Terra will end, but Terra will continue until the fulfillment of that particular expression of the Creator is complete.

On July 21, the Operation Terra site will be moved to a new server, where it will remain for two more years. I will no longer be available after that point in time, except for those individuals with whom I need to maintain contact until the time comes for me to actually go. After July 21, there will be no Operation Terra phone or fax numbers, no e-mail accounts, and no online store. The Celestial Way PO Box will be closed after that date and there will be no mail forwarding set up, so all mail arriving after that date will be returned. All inventory has been sold except for some of the new music CDs, which I am now closing out at below-cost prices. All mail and fax orders must be received by July 18. All online orders must be placed by midnight (Pacific time) on July 19. I am working on the Web pages for the Spanish translations, and will put them up as soon as they are complete. I will probably not have time to complete the pages for the other languages I have but will try to make them available as downloadable files or provide links to other sites where you might be able to view them.

Time is growing short. On July 7, in a private communication to me, the Hosts made it clear that THEIR only priority is the lifting of the first and second waves onto the ships by the end of December 2005. Everything else in the “op” hinges on that. Otherwise there will be no evacuation and no colonization of Terra by people from the present planet of Earth. The Hosts have told me to do what is reasonable in the time I have left and let the rest go, as the people who are destined for Terra are going to get there anyway, by decision of their Oversoul, and not because they have read or not read the Messages.

In closing, I can honestly say that I have served with the clear intention to deliver this information as purely as I could. As I have said before, no channel can be 100% accurate, but the Messages contain much more than mere words. Millions of people have been exposed to the information over the past 6+ years, and a significant holographic insertion into the consciousness matrix has been achieved. It will remain in the consciousness matrix, available to guide future generations when it is their time to make their way to Terra, launched from the platform of “future lives” that they have as yet to live.

The values and practices given in the Messages are of value to anyone who is pursuing a spiritual path, regardless of their destination and regardless of how things play out on the planetary surface. Many of those who came down from the higher planes to assist during these times will return to their home environments, rather than taking part in the actual colonization of Terra, but I already expect that some of them will be visiting those of us who do colonize Terra, after we get there and settle in to our new homes.

I wish all of you a journey filled with Grace and ease. Regardless of where you find yourself today, tomorrow, next year, or ten years from now, surrender and acceptance ARE the keys to inner peace. Seek peace. Be peace. Be at peace. It is your best armor against fear and your surest road into love.

Peace be with you, today and always,

[link to www.operationterra.com]
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