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Subject ALIENS BROUGHT US HERE 900 YEARS AGO -- The 12 Apostles & Jesus never existed ... I CAN PROVE IT!
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Original Message Aliens brought millions of people to an earth staged with ancient structures and paved roads 900 years ago to play out the roles assigned to them a-cross different countries of different cultures,faiths, and in the blinking of an eye believing they all lived here before and went about their everyday duties.

I've already proven that the 6 Great Empires of the past were fables, I started with the first, Egypt. (alpha)
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Today I'll focus on the last great empire Rome (omega) and prove that Jesus and the dirty dozen were just made up.

The 12 apostles and Jesus were said to have walked this earth during a time when the Romans ruled the known world included was the conquest and occupation of Israel. (Jerusalem)

The Roman Empire was said to have reigned for almost 500 years beginning in 27-BC with Augustus Caesar and ended with Theodosius the Great 395-AD. The famous celebrated Jesus along with his 12 legendary disciples survived for more then 300 years already since the crucifiction and were finally acknowledged by the ruling class and all were inscribed unto the pages of our so-called history documented at the so-called historic council of Laodicea in 364 AD due to their popularity.

Yet, there are no portraits of Jesus or the last 12 fishermen made by anyone living at that time.

Yet, there are no poems written about the son of god by admires who were willing to die for Jesus, their lord.

Yet, there are no songs expressing love for him or about his valiant disciples who walked triumphantly before their enemies without their heads as most were beheaded.

Today you have real humans with real souls and emotions expressing their love for Jesus in poems,songs,plays,movies.
[link to www.famouspoetsandpoems.com]
[link to www.youtube.com]
[link to www.youtube.com]

Where are the Jesus poems,songs and plays written by those people during the Roman days?

Where are the poems,songs and plays written by believers who loved the lord after the Fall of Rome? (500AD)

Where are the poems,songs and plays written by believers who walked the earth during 600 AD?

Where are the poems,songs and plays written by believers who walked the earth during 700 AD?

Where are the poems,songs and plays written by believers who walked the earth during 800 AD?

Where are the poems,songs and plays written by believers who walked the earth during 900 AD? -- Get the picture!

Why no portraits?

Jesus was making miracles of all sorts, healing, and feeding fish sandwiches to the thousands while the 12 fishermen brought their catch to the Market-place wrapped in Gospel-paper.

Non-existing portraits will never be forthcoming because this story took place within a fairytale called the Roman Empire written by the advanced species passed unto the humans they brought here 900 years ago who were already conditioned and convinced of these beliefs and its history.

Even this guy has a portrait circulating the World.
[link to www.klangundkleid.ch]
And he wasn't anywhere near in greatness as a son of god would be.

Famous people (past & present) most have poems and songs written about them.

I even got a poem composed to me by a good talent.
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I got admirers who expressed love for me.
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I got stories written about me. Just do a search.
[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]

- Where is the proof that humans lived during the time of the Romans when Jesus and the headless 12 walked the earth?

- Where are these Jesus artistic expressions, or even documents of the Romans, on anything?

Its what is documented by humans about humanity like songs, poems, stories, plays, weather, wars, discoveries "in the news" sort of thing that speaks reality. These Jesus-Roman records and the fact that they are nowhere to be found would have been a witnessing testament that human life was lived during that timeframe.

The Roman records and there whereabouts will never be forthcoming because the human race didn't exist at that point in time to express the essence of the human soul and document that impression within the pages of True history like we do today with every expression we live, experience and love. The fact that Roman records are missing proves that earth was just a stage waiting for the actors to come and take their roles.

Its not like the Roman empire and its people completely disappeared from that geographical location. No! The Italians remained in Rome, why would there be no documents of their own past generations?

If your argument is one that the Italians grew tired of Roman songs in 500 AD and that they wished no longer to chant the poems of their ancestors greatness, or marvel at the portraits of their success wouldn't there be some place where these documents could be stored, like a Library?

- Its like nobody wrote anything during that period that expressed their Roman souls.

- Its like nobody sang a song.

- Its like nobody danced.

- Its like nobody wrote a poem.

- Its like nobody drew a picture, not even from a child that a Roman mom would hang on to remembering it by.

- Its like there were no important discussions or debates.

- Its like there were no ideas exchanged or suggestions to solutions to problems Rome either faced or were to face.

- Its like humans were not alive during that timeframe.

These missing Roman records is proof that people weren't around (including Jesus et al) when anthropologists archeologists and historians say the Roman Empire existed. But the most compelling proof are that of the missing (never written) documents that no society, no invading army, no form of stupidity rise to power would ever dare to remove or destroy, and these are the records of earthquakes which by the way only began to be documented 900 years ago.

Records of earthquakes would always survive.
[link to earthquake.usgs.gov]

The fear and the innate scientific curiosity of such earth shattering force would compel those living to properly inscribe this event with time and date for future access. Earthquakes aren't just a bad snow fall, or torrential rains which we today document regardless. Earthquakes would have scared those who lived on earth as it scares those living today to make notes and file these accounts for future access.

No my friends, we were brought here by advanced beings who set the earth up like a stage, all ancient buildings like Pyramids (great wall) all built by them. They also wrote all beliefs-systems. All religions from the origins (book of enoch) to the jewish torah,christian new testament,islamic koran are all false and never occurred. Included are the sumerian tablets,hinduism,buddhism,thoth atlantean, all derived from enochian theme storyline.

- Enoch was a make-believe character written by these advanced beings.

- The torah that followed was done to separate a class of people that would come to this earth and play-out that role.

- The same for the christians and their 12 apostles. Including zombie Jesus who died but lives, living-dead, lol!

- The same for mohamed koran b/s, building mosques where the make-believe Romans pulled down the fairytale Temple.



When the Aliens brought the humans (actors), the humans took up their beliefs (roles) on the stage (earth) designed and set-up by the advanced beings and the humans carried out their indoctrinated beliefs. The soldiers (humans) came alive on battlefield earth.
[link to www.middle-ages.org.uk]
[link to www.crusades.org]
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

During the period known as the Crusades were the first recordings of earthquakes.
[link to earthquake.usgs.gov]

You will also note that these recordings also happened during what historians called "The Renaissance" -- Re-Birth.
[link to www.mrdowling.com]

The intelligent species had me believing that I was the last buck in the book of enoch, and that I was supposed to awaken others to that the world was under Nephilim leadership by showing that the Democratic & Republican animal symbols represented the Nephilim (chapter 86), only the camel between the asses and elephants in the dream were reserved to immortalized the words of zombie jesus to his followers: "You strain out the gnats fighting with atheist science dummies yet you swallowed the CAMEL whole!" --

That's how highly intelligent and influential they can be.

You will live out your life thinking you are living by free-will of faith and never know the truth of it all.


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