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Subject Urgent Message today from Rick Wiles: America is controlled by a secret shadow government. What is next on their agenda?
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Original Message The overthrow of the constitutional Republic of the United States of America started 47 years ago today. The shadow men saw they could kill a president and get away with the crime. Nearly 50 years later, we are deep inside the Matrix. America is controlled by a secret shadow government. What is next on their agenda?

Marxist revolutionary Barry Soetoro appears to be deliberately seeking to provoke a violent reaction from frustrated Americans by ordering TSA agents to sexually molest and humiliate citizens in the name of security. This is only the beginning. Be on guard. Expect “terrorist attacks” soon in the USA and Western nations. Obama will blame opponents of TSA’s outrageous unconstitutional physical assault against law-abiding citizens. Obama desperately needs an Oklahoma City-type “domestic terrorist attack.” Are you keeping score of the number of fake bombs on aircraft recently? Something very bizarre is happening around the world. The “shadow men” who seek domination of the planet are manipulating world events and the news. Islamic terrorists are being assisted in carrying out their violent deeds. Each act of terrorism gives the shadow men another opportunity to take away our rights and tighten the noose around our throats. This is a global coup d’état. Islamic terrorism is financed and aided by the same powers that are systematically destroying the global economic system. Societal structure is being broken down worldwide. The shadow men are implementing the concept of “creative destruction.” The shadow men need perpetual chaos to move billions of humans into their corral. Brace yourself for horrifying events in the weeks and months ahead. Shadow men need shock and awe to justify next wave of totalitarian laws and surveillance of citizens. History lesson: Adolf Hitler’s Nazis secretly set fire to the German Reichstag on February 27, 1933. Hitler burned down his own nation’s parliament and blamed...

More on Rick Wiles Website, here: [link to www.trunews.com]
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