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Subject Illuminati card game - anagrams may hold clues to future events
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Original Message While reading another GLP thread regarding interpreting the Illuminati card game cards in order to attempt to predict upcoming events (since some of the cards predicted past events long before they happened), I started doing anagrams of the card titles to see if there are interesting clues there. I didn't read the other thread in it's entirety yet so I apologize in advance if somebody else thought of this first. but, i have plugged in some of the card titles so far and came up with this (not the entire list of possibilities):

terrorist nuke: (this is the card that looks freakishly like the twin towers strike)
striker en rout
striker true no
tinkerers tour

backlash: Obama card?
Back Lash
Black Ash
Black Has
Bash Lack
Balk Cash
Lab Hacks

Population Control card:
Contrail Lout On Pop (lout means to to bow in respect, to sumbit, to yield), "pop" population?
A Con Pollution Port
A Corn Pollution Pot
A Corn Outpoint Poll
A Crop Pollution Ton
nocturnal polio opt
Clonal Outpoint Pro

church of middle america
i'm half-mad cruder choice
maim arch-foe crude child
charm direful hard choice
i'm a chief,cruel odd charm
rude rich of mad chemical

international weather organization
: (chemtrails?)
totalitarian howitzer on inane range (wow....that is trippy)
retaliate not win anti nazi gonorrhea
rat now traitorize to an inane healing
traitorize now halo argentinian neat
traitorize now alienating on an earth
negotiate anti nazi narrow lionheart
irritate in an inane wart hog on zealot (warthog - google A-10 Warthog military plane)

18-1/2 minute gap: (anagram of "minute gap")
impugn tea
(impugn means to challenge as false (another's statements, motives, etc.); cast doubt upon)
put in game
game up tin
augment pi - this one is very interesting, see augmenting pi at cern. PI could stand for "personal income" and is used that way in economic text books

Also, I have my son making a quick program that will put numerical value to the alphabet so i can look at the number values these titles may have. Should have some stuff to look at here soon.

I am home in bed with the flu... yes i have too much time on my hands right now.
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