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Subject Truth about the truth movement..and won't the internet won't tell you about Masons/Illuminati
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Original Message From a comment on Incogman Blog:

You hit the nail on the head. I pray often for those people that are figuring out what it took me almost two years to realize. As you said, the Jew is pushing hundreds of other cover names to the forefront (i.e. illuminati, CIA, etc.) while doing the dirty work behind the scenes.

I have this recurring dramatization in my head of truthseekers walking through a tunnel with many different exits to the left and right (each exit representing the illusion of exiting with the ultimate truth…Left:”It’s the CIA!”…Right: “It’s the Black Pope!”). Until one day they truly go all the way to the end of the long tunnel to find that on the other end of the tunnel was the Jew all along. There they witness firsthand the Jew throwing stuff back into the tunnel in order to distract and slow down the progress of truthseekers. This includes the Jew’s planting of “guides” (think Alex Jones, Icke, Maxwell) throughout the tunnel that encourage the seeker to “stick around and listen to our embellished truth”, or “end your journey as its pointless and will lead nowhere.” …Anything but continue forward and discover the true identifiable perpetrators!

I personally have seen the discovery of this one truth change many from atheists to believers, blissfully ignorant to dedicated researchers, welfare dependants to self-sufficient citizens, Jewtainment-driven to people-first motives, and more importantly from sleeping in the dark with the masses to frantically waking people up to the light.

It is important that those of us who have awakened to these truths remember what those currently making their way through the tunnel are being bombarded with daily. It’s easy to get frustrated when they don’t accept the blatant obvious when we’re attempting to enlighten them. For all they know, we’re another left or right turn, another Jones or Maxwell, they’re tired of being led astray; they’ve been deceived many times before in their search for truth.

The bright side: Once we gain their trust through patience and persistence (or just continue to let the Jews expose themselves), well…we’ll have more believers, dedicated researchers, self-sufficient citizens, people-first motives, and more importantly, masses of people waking people up to the light.
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