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Subject A Sincere & Urgent Call To All GLP'rs *Page 1 Update 12/27/2010* Thank You GLP.
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Original Message Someone on this Board that you all know & Love has had a catastrophic & Life-altering/destroying horrific accident... this is the PM I just got from this Friend:

"Thought I would explain why I was dizzapeered for a few there....I was back to work for two days and had a little accident....fell off a damn roof.

One little patch of frost...second story plus a death defying leap over some nasty ass bushes on the way down.

I'm fucked...Ive got multiple fractures and wasted joints up to my fucking hips...I swear I had the roll maneuver all timed and was OK till I hit frozen ground and I had no traction..slammed down hard bro...

My whole life is REALLY changed now...I don't know what I'm gonna do.

I pulled pieces of bone out with needlenose on top of my toes..."

(**Edited by Me**)

I'll not disclose his ID... but just trust me that this is a Good Guy.

I'm requesting that those of you that Pray... please Pray for this man... if you 'channel positive energies' or something... please do that... if you 'lightwork'... shine it all on this man.. this is a sincere request.

TIA guys...




Ok... so here's what's up.

The poster that I started this thread about is this guy:

Tessa! hugs
 Quoting: RememberThis

[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]

And (no big surprise considering his character) I see he's posted on this thread multiple times without revealing himself...

Here's his big ole' busted-up right foot... one month later:


A partial list of injuries from his email:

"The 2nd 3rd and 4th toe are broken upward in these shots...2nd shattered.

I would say 6 fractures in the right foot and the tendon that goes over the outer toes... history.

1 fracture of left upper ankle.

Fracture right knee.

Internal Injuries in Abdomen."

Sorry that it's taken me so long to update this thread... I posted it just minutes after receiving RT's PM, & between my schedule & his not answering my friggin' emails (doped-up to the gills on painkillers... gonna have to call Dr. Drew!)

...it's taken a while.

1. Thank You, all of you that have burned-up my Inbox asking about 'The Fall Guy' and offering Prayer & other assistance... GLP has a big Heart & many truly excellent people... the (continuing) response is so very impressive & uplifting, considering most of you had no idea who it was that is injured.

2. A LOT of you have PM'd & posted asking about helping 'The Fall Guy' financially through this time... since he'd never say it, I'll say this: Like most of us, RT is a 'Regular Guy'... not a mogul posting on GLP at his leisure... while counting his stacks of bullion.

For all of us 'Regular Guys'... One month laid-up unable to work (and counting)is potentially catastrophic... and this guy's apparently got many more to come.

So now you guys know who it is... Thank you all again for the terrific response.



As promised to all who've asked... (you're a great buncha people, GLP)...

Here's Remember This's Paypal email:


Merry Christmas to all of you guys (& gals)... I'm so impressed with the Heart here...

And Thank You Trinity, for stepping-up in a BIG way today & doing something so very excellent...

[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]

Y'all ROCK... I can't say it too many times.


Just to let you guys know how this has been progressing...

(A PM answer)

Lets see...I have 11 donations totaling $1048.63!

I still cant believe what Trin gave...wuhfaint
 Quoting: RememberThis


You guys are awesome!
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