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Original Message Going frugal & simplicity has long been on my mind.. and now I am ready to incorporate it into my lifestyle.Here are some tips I have & collected so far..I would like to have more. Let's share and discuss frugal tips regarding :

- Frugal Cinema Snacks (when bringing your own cinema snacks)
- Frugal Vacation / Holiday Foods-snacks
- Frugal Road Trip Foods-snacks
- Frugal Fashion Tips & Closet Organizing
- Handling Leftovers
- Frugal Dining Out
- Frugal Lunch Ideas (for office, campus etc)
- Frugal Cooking (for families, college students, single living etc)
- Etc...

My tips :

1. Bring own Brown Bag to Take Home Leftovers

Always bring a brown bag/doggie back for taking away my restaurant meals when I can't finish it. Restaurant portions are big and I feel so bad to leave meals unfinished, like I did in the past. I bring my own brown bag, fold it in my hand bag and separate half of the meal, put it in doggie bag. That way, I can enjoy my food knowing that nothing is wasted. It makes me feel better. I just tried it yesterday. I will incorporate this habit. The restaurant left over become lunch or dinner.

2. Pack Travel Utensils (Portable Kitchen Items)

Stuff a small plastic with meal-making necessities. My friend brings a plastic container with a lid that is filled with a small paring knife, wine opener, small can opener, a couple of place settings of study plastic silver ware, packets of salt, pepper, other condiments, individual wet naps, and an assortment of zip lock bags, etc. Then put a small stack of paper plates and napkins in a large zip lock bag, a small plastic cutting board and a partial roll of paper towel. Handy!

3.Traveling Tip : Bring Own Breakfast

Pack my own milk (in 250 ml carons) & cereals (in a ziplock bag) to make my own breakfast in my hotel room.

4. Bring your Own Coffee (in small thermos mug)
Great for bringing to office, and it's saving coffee cost instead of buying at the trendy coffee chains.

5.Cinema Snacks

I pack my own sandwich and put it in a ziplock plastic bag also a small bottle of water (300ml) & a small bag with snacks (home made popcorn,chips) to bring to the cinema.

6. Airport Snack-Meals

We all know that airport food is costly. I always pack my own sandwich and have it in a ziplock bag in my handbag. Whenever I feel hungry I just take it out. Usually, I make PB&J sandwich, or a chocolate toast, cheese toast or a smoked beef/ham sandwich.


Indonesian Uni/College students have to watch their expenses like a hawk and they usually do this to survive:

1. eat only 2 times per day (skip breakfast)

2. Incorporate Fasting 2-3 days per week (only eat once during fasting)
EXTREME : stock on antacids to use when fasting. To save meal budget, they fast 2-3 times a week, only eating once per day. When they get hungry during lunch, they take one antacid to keep the stomach from growling.

3. Cheap meals made of flour :
buy white flour (it's very cheap) and mix it with water, add little spices & cheap vegetables (bean sprouts, shredded cabbage or carrots),shape into balls and fry the veggie balls to eat with rice. One small bag of flour (500 gram) can last for 3 weeks-1 month.

Please share your tips.
I also welcome any organizing tips as well.
Let's go frugal & safe lots of $$!
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