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Subject To those of the Illuminati, in your face
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Original Message Barack Obama is and has been a Socialist since his teen years. He is a plant for the Socialist Party simple as that; Communism is the inherator of Socialism as it always matures into Communism. Vladimir Lennon stated that the intention of building a socialistic society is to drive the masses into dependendency on the state and Communisn is the dependency of the masses on the state, therefore socialism is the predicessor of Communisn when brought to its end.

Joseph Stalin made it clear, if you demoralize America, seperate the people from their intrinsic right to self Govern, destroy the religious back bone, and diseminate the American family and I will take America down without firing a shot. So far he has been correct.

If you are a member or disavowed member of the Illuminati then you should make your knowledge public before they give you an overdose of reality based on suicide attempt or self indulgence into a coma. It is not above the Grand Masters to silence any member that has broken faith with their covenant with Satan. You would be considered the lowest form of life on Earth to them at this point.

Actions speak louder than words, get in touch with someone in the second media system in America. I refer to the second media system as they are less likely to moderate your responses and or manipulate what you say. And the key word is IF you were a mamber then you should be very careful as to how much boasting you do here.

Talk is cheap and the grand stands are full of shit talking fools and if this is an ego trip you are the lowest form of life on Earth. It never ceases to amaze me just how dispicable the wealthy and the priveledged can be. There is no exiting the Order of the Illuminati. Well there is one way, just guess what it takes to be removed from the membership roster of the most vial, corrupt, self indulgent, greedy, manipulating bastards to live on Earth.

The rewards of a life spent stealing the bread from the mouths of the starving is a front row seat in HELL. Enjoy your stay. Say what you have to say or shut your fucking mouth![youtube][googlevid][glpvideo] yoda
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