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Original Message HAARP is targeting the New Madrid Fault!! WATCH THE VIDEO'S BEFORE THEY TAKE THEM DOWN!!

[link to geneo.files.wordpress.com]

The New Madrid and The Great Lakes region is connected to the Caribbean fault system. Based on the way the Mid-Continental United States is geologically formed, if someone wanted to trigger the Caribbean plate system - the best way to do so would be to first destabilize the Caribbean plate.... This could be accomplished by destabilizing the sea floor bed of the Gulf of Mexico. This has in fact already been done via the BP oil rig disaster. The next thing you would have to do to set off the Caribbean plate is you would have to trigger a massive fault line rupture at the New Madrid fault zone (map above). All the birds that have died are in this zone.

Caribbean Plate -
[link to emsnews.files.wordpress.com]


***UPDATE 1/4/11***


NLE 2011 Earthquake Functional Exercise May 16-20, 2011 in the New Madrid Seismic Zone.
[link to training.dps.mo.gov]
[link to www.shakeout.org]


From patrioticspace

This video has PROOF that TPTB are tooling with the New Madrid Faultline!

[link to www.shakeout.org] (FEMA's drills along the faultline)

[link to www.eutimes.net] (Top US Official Murdered After Arkansas Weapons Test Causes Mass Death)

[link to greatdreams.com] (NEW MADRID FAULT BEWARE)

[link to www.filedropper.com] (Declassified document obtained through Freedom of Information Act in regards to electronic harassment, and FREQUENCIES.)

[link to theamericannightmare.org] (General Reading)

[link to www.scchealth.org] (St. Charles County Division of Emergency Management)

[link to www.filedropper.com] (PROOF that HAARP is training it's target on New Madrid! Wichita, KS or Birmingham, AL. in the triangle's cross-hairs!)

[link to www.scribd.com] (U.S. ARMY NORTH)

[link to www.dis.anl.gov]

Consequence Assessment, or "If you thought Hurricane Katrina was big..."

This is from the Virginia Tech article:

The results indicate that Tennessee, Arkansas, and Missouri are most severely impacted. Illinois and Kentucky are also impacted, though not as severely as the previous three states. Nearly 715,000 buildings are damaged in the eight-state study region. About 42,000 search and rescue personnel working in 1,500 teams are required to respond to the earthquakes. Damage to critical infrastructure (essential facilities, transportation and utility lifelines) is substantial in the 140 impacted counties near the rupture zone, including 3,500 damaged bridges and nearly 425,000 breaks and leaks to both local and interstate pipelines. Approximately 2.6 million households are without power after the earthquake. Nearly 86,000 injuries and fatalities result from damage to infrastructure. Nearly 130 hospitals are damaged and most are located in the impacted counties near the rupture zone. There is extensive damage and substantial travel delays in both Memphis, Tennessee, and St. Louis, Missouri, thus hampering search and rescue as well as evacuation. Moreover roughly 15 major bridges are unusable. Three days after the earthquake, 7.2 million people are still displaced and 2 million people seek temporary shelter. Direct economic losses for the eight states total nearly $300 billion, while indirect losses may be at least twice this amount.

They do mention loss of nuclear facilities...but only to do with the impact of losing the electrical power they generate, in a quick re-reading, I can't find anything about radiation releases. Those facilities are built like iron fortresses, but I doubt they could withstand the 7.7 quake they are calling for in this simulation.

Gee, I wonder where FEMA plans to put 2 million people seeking temporary shelter? (Written by Ginny in an email response)

The epicenter will likely be near the 3 towns in the triangulated area!!!!

***UPDATE 2/2/11***

HAARP ACTIVITY for 2/1/11 and 2/2/11 -


SNOW STORM CAUSED BY HAARP!!! Lots of activity in the New Madrid Fault Region.

SOIL LIQUEFACTION [link to en.wikipedia.org]
THIS IS PART OF THE EARTHQUAKE PREPERATION PROCESS. They just finished dumping over TWO FEET of snowfall that fell mostly over the New Madrid Fault.

When the snow melts and the soil liquefies this will help in triggering the major earthquake some people have been predicting.

They used HAARP to manufacture the storm, Fema is preparing for it!!

The “oil volcano” unleashed by the BP oil spill renewed seismic activity in that part of the world. ALL PLANNED!!

Those large magnitude 7 earthquakes in the past year that displaced the tectonic plates are something to worry about. If the crust has been shifted downwards by several meters along a fault line of 1000+ miles for a width of a mile or more, that’s going to displace some volume of underlying magma, which is going to go somewhere else

It also depends on whether the ground is soft or hard (they are making sure it’s soft) as well as the depth of the earthquake and the polarization of the shock waves (vertical, horizontal).

When sediments liquefy, they lose their structure and strength. During earthquake shaking, the individual grains of sand within a deposit collapse on each other.

Anything built on them can sink or collapse.

Picture a container of balls of slightly different sizes–baseballs, golf balls, marbles. If they were transported by water into the container and then deposited, they would settle with spaces between them. Some of the spaces would be filled with water, some with air. When you shake the container, the balls settle against each other, and the water and air are forced to the surface. That is exactly what happens in a sediment-filled valley. The valley is a large container holding gazillions of balls or grains of sand. Shaking the container simulates an earthquake.




***UPDATE 3-18-11***

New Madrid Fault Next!! Please prepare because these genocidal maniacs are going to strike again!!

Interesting to note is the United States Army announced last week that it is holding a rare training event involving the US Military, the CIA, Canadian officers, US Treasury and State departments, the US Agency for International Development, the Defense Threat Readiness Agency and the International Red Cross between March 21-25 at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, and which should the worst happen they will certainly be prepared for it.
[link to www.kansascity.com]

When the New Madrid fault is triggered by HAARP there is also a branch fault zone that runs off it and that could be triggered as well. Due to HAARP, the destabilizing of the Gulf of Mexico seafloor bed, and what could result. If you destabilize the sea floor in the gulf (BP oil spill) then totally collapse the sea floor (with a nuke), and then use HAARP to activate weak areas of the New Madrid and its branch line the Wabash Valley.

Then you can create a dreaded double mega quake. Because the New Madrid and Wabash Valley can be activated by the Caribbean plate being disturbed. The Wabash Valley could be set off by HAARP targeting its parent fault zone the New Madrid. Wabash Valley could produce a 7.5 in Illinois with the same variables as New Madrid. Meaning that a 7.5 there is much stronger than a 7.5 anywhere else.

If the US military were to set off a nuke now, at the BP oil cap, and then were to put HAARP into kill mode at New Madrid, we are talking about something that is biblical in nature. We are talking about something equivalent to a 10.2 earthquake if it happened in California, Chile, Alaska, Cascadia, Indonesia.

We are talking about a quake cluster sequence that could destroy even the Great Lakes region and that could flood the entire center of the US and that could permanently split North America into two separate islands.


New Madrid fault is sitting on a failed rift valley! Mississippi River flows on this rift zone. A place where the North American continent almost split into two pieces. BP has been drilling, punctured a hole in the rift on the edge of the seismic zone in the Gulf. Convenient timing, they are starting up the stories again about the oil leaking from fractured sea floor. _SPAMMER_4.214.194/forum1/message1405222/pg1 (Godlike thread title - BREAKING NEWS: 100 x 25 mile oil slick seen leaking from fractured sea floor near Deepwater Horizon). They will say that the only way to stop the oil from seeping out will be to nuke it. NOTE: There is more methane coming up instead of oil. What happens when you nuke methane on the edge of a unstable rift and use HAARP at the same time???? KABOOM!!! BIBLICAL EARTHQUAKE!!

Red Stars are HAARP Locations.
[link to giro.uml.edu]

HAARP Locations - [link to ulcar.uml.edu]

***UPDATE 5-11-11***

These sick bastards that run our Government are going to try and pull off the biggest depopulation murder event this world has ever seen and blame it on Judgment Day. I'm sure you have seen all the "Judgment Day May 21st" billboard signs popping up all over the country. Just in time for the Big Event!! They are planting the seed in people to make them believe it was God doing all of this.....YEH RIGHT!! Unfortunately, some people will fall for this shit!!



They will first place in the Gulf Salt Dome they drilled a nuke then one in Calhoun County near Battle Creek Michigan where the other supposed oil accident happened in July where the oil leaked into the Kalamazoo River. Unknown to most is that they drilled into another Salt Dome, NO PIPE BUSTED! Introducing water, into a vast amount of non-solidified salt will cause it to dissolve, and thus, will create a "vacuum" that nature just doesn't like. Something will need to fill that "void/vacuum". Now, think sinkhole, but instead of sinkhole, think "sink-whole". All gets sinked, sanked, sunk..... If a disruption occurs that introduces even one small vein of water (14 inches in diameter) to an area of concentrated salt, the underground salt deposits will liquefy, and the earth above will sink.


HAARP has been doing its part by keep the area along the New Madrid Fault and all along the Mississippi flooded. Blowing the levees is something that did not have to happen but they needed to liquefy the ground to help induce the earthquake that is coming May 21st.

Once the New Madrid zone ruptures they would then be able to trigger the movement of the Caribbean plate. The movement of the plate would be towards the East. It would slip from the sea of the Gulf of Mexico all the way up to the Great Lakes region. It would generally run along the path of the New Madrid fault and the Mississippi River.

Once the Caribbean plate has fully repositioned itself, the Mississippi River would then be about 100 miles wide in diameter and it would be emptied and flowing backwards in many places. The Great Lakes will begin to spill out and empty towards the South. They would flood all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico with a tsunami that would dwarf the 2004 Indonesian tsunami.

Cities like New Orleans, Memphis, Saint Louis, Indianapolis, Chicago, and Milwaukee would be destroyed through flooding and/or the damages caused by the earthquake. Even cities like Cleveland and Detroit would most likely be destroyed due to the massive scale of the earthquake that would be generated when the Caribbean plate would start moving, as well as the massive tsunamis that would be generated in the Great Lakes.

There would be at least one earthquake, and possibly 3 in the sequence. There could first be a massive earthquake at the Gulf of Mexico seabed, which would totally collapse the entire sea floor, and then another quake which would set off the New Madrid zone. This could then be followed by a final quake, which would cause the Caribbean plate to move. Or, it could happen in 2 stages, or it could happen all in one earthquake, that would contain 3 movements.

Either way, the movements that would cause these earthquakes would be registered at somewhere between 10.2-10.5 in magnitude. After this, the United States would be divided in half by the 100 mile wide Mississippi River and the Eastern and Western United States would basically effectively become two separate continents.

The flooding that would be caused in the delta areas of the Mississippi River and in the Great Lakes region, as well as any area that is south of the Great Lakes, would be biblical in proportion.

Pictures (click to insert)
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