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Subject Changes in magnetic field could be responsible for massive bird and fish die-offs
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Original Message Massive eruptions from the sun...

Thread: NASA reports an entire hemisphere of the sun has erupted.
[link to co2insanity.com]

As a side note, its emissions discovered to be 'mutating matter'...

Thread: Terrifying scientific discovery: Strange emissions by sun are suddenly mutating matter(VIDEO)

Here is a thread about one of the most recent displays of the magnetosphere's strange activity...

Thread: Magnetosphere - SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT

This thread lists locations of mass bird and fish deaths...

Thread: An UPDATED LIST & MAP of LOCATIONS with FALLING BIRDS, DEAD FISH & ANIMALS in 2011 (NEW updates on First page, last updated 02/04/11

A very interesting Chinese article ties all of this together...
Original link:
[link to www.chou4.com]
[link to translate.google.com]

Highlights of article:

We know that birds navigate by the magnetic field, only the magnetic field changes, and the birds will be lost fall,


Specific proteins in migratory birds eye "cryptochrome" Maybe this is the light-dependent magnetic field sensing of the media. Light stimulation of this protein produced a pair of free radicals, free radicals can be carried by the electron spin may be able to perceive the special properties of Earth's magnetic field.


Migratory birds into the power failure and lost the ability to identify the direction, there are other serious consequences, including:
- All animals, including the human immune system will be significantly weakened.

- changes in the crust will be more frequent volcanic and more intense tectonic movements, earthquakes and landslides.

- weakening the magnetic field caused by cosmic rays have greatly increased, due to radioactive contamination will cause more cancer.

- asteroids may be more accessible to the Earth.

- changes in Earth's gravity field.

All these may be added together, not difficult to find civilization, 2012, Earth will be threatened. They also speculated that a similar event in the distant past have occurred on Mars.
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Here is a large thread from today with posters reporting that their compass readings are off by several degrees:
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