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Subject OPHIUCHUS PSY-OPS: What the Illuminati intend by adding a 13th sign to the Zodiac???
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Original Message MSM is saying that the add of Ophiuchus constellation to the 12 houses of Zodiac is due to Earth's precession, but the original 12 sign Zodiac was calculated to match the ruling transitions of the Anunnaki "Council Of The Twelve", on Earth:

Anu, Antu, Enlil, Ninlil, Enki, Ninki, Nannar, Ningal, Shamash, Inanna, Ishkur and Nunhursag

Anu and his wife Antu actually were rulers in Nibiru, so that they were replaced in the Council, concerning Earth political affairs. Ain't sure, but I think Ningishzidda and Marduk or Ninurta or Utu, joined the Council.

The cycle of 12 Zodiac eras was accurately created by ENKI, to attend the division of Earth's government by the Anunnaki 12 leaders. I know that Taurus constellation "belongs" to ENLIL, Gemini to the twin brothers INANNA/UTU, Aquarius to EA aka ENKI and Aries to Marduk.

It seems that Marduk miscalculated the end of Taurus era where he should replace ENLIL, or was scammed by the Anunnaki that wanted prevent him from settling his tyrant era over Earth. The fact is that Marduk never had his ruling era in this planet.

Anyway, in 2012 we should finish Pisces era and enter in the Aquarius era, when is scheduled to the return of the Anunnaki, but now TPTB set up this scam by adding Ophiuchus in the Zodiac and theoretically, now they pulled us back to ARIES ERA. What are they telling us by this movement??? I'm squeezing my brain and reading texts about the Anunnaki ruling lineage, but I can't figure out possible plausible answers.

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