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Original Message Behind the images and events of your life is the pure screen of light onto which they are projected.

The screen is the same for everyone.

But as we lead individual lives with individual story lines, we tend to see ourselves as separate from others.

Our movies define us.

Yet, we are joined buy the screen of light.

Now, to the less observant, less aware - the movie on the screen IS their life. And the images are so real and convincing, that people identify with the story of their life as who and what they are.

Subsequently, people are controlled by the images and story lines on their screens and make all their subsequent judgments and pronouncements about their life, other people's lives, and about life in general, according to the streaming images of their life.

Yet, to a more discerning, more experienced, advanced "movie watcher" it is understood and appreciated that it is in the value of the screen that we are what we are and become what we become - and thus - they identify more with the unchanging lighted screen - as therein lies all power and the pure light of essential "being".

So, if you tend to see people as separate entities, and people's lives as separate lives - and if you are tired of being controlled by the images and storylines of your life,then consider the screen itself - and what you can do to be at one with the screen - for to do so is to connect to the infinite side of you - the eternal "you" - and in so doing, the images will take care of themselves and you will enjoy the fruits of your life in much sharper, more brilliant imagery - as your life goes Hi Def - and as you become more the detached observer than the puppet on your own string.

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