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Subject *** Short Summery of the BEZERK thread for VOICE CHAT ***
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Original Message With Trinity's new voice chat anyone can create a room. So if you see no BEZERK room just create one and they will come

(I Promised Isis7 a short summery of the Bezerk thread for the BEZERK Room in Voice Chat, so here it is. This is NOT PART OF THE FINAL TWO BURST TO COME AND THERE IS NO CODE IN IT. Other members of the group will also post the m7 chatlogs soon)

This is what I now believe and think. I also think that some of you already know or "feel" some of this information. This is just my current understanding so you are welcome to disagree with me or to have a different opinion. It was a daunting task to sum up 1000+ pages. If some of you don't agree then please post it and open it up for discussion. (The Bezerk thread also took me personally on learning curve to connect some dots. It's a pity that active research was interrupted)

To sum up the BEZERK thread, in a short and sweet version: the BEZERK Project was sanctioned and controlled(phased) leak of information and a communication platform to the "others" in realtime, especially in the beginning of the thread. It was phased due to the upfront/disregard nature of human behavior/intellect. (If we don't understand something we disregard it as nonsense. Ignorance is a bliss type of thing. RRR has a saying: "Our whistle is blowing softly, if we blow to hard some eardrums might pop, then everyone would be deaf" i.e We whisper softly, because if we shout it all out at once they will go deaf and then nobody would hear or believe us.

BEZERK is all about a primordial organism that has been activated to prepare earth, geologically and climatically for the the arrival of the Draco. People are all exited about disclosure and "Whoopi aliens are coming" but they don't realize only a few will have survived by the time the Draco get here and even then it wont be "heaven on earth". Its about the efforts of ODESSA to stop the growth of this organism's terraforming ability by directive 301/302 by freezing it and the OMEGA option. ODESSA is trying to induce a poleshift resulting in an ice age. From their analysts they have determined that more people will be able to survive and adapt in an iceage then compared to what the intent of the organism is. They are preparing all sorts of polar technologies to their infrastructure and military/vehicles/planes, especially their navy vessels(submarines) to operate when this polshift/iceage happens.
On the other end we have China who are direct descendents from the Draco and have a specific bezerk gene sequence in them to help them survive the terraforming. China is the protector and propagator of this organism and have given a blueprint of events(briefcases on October 13th 2010) of how they want to establish their future global empire. This organism isn't anything like we've seen before, it can interact with all matter, dead or living, around it. We also have the Aannanuki arriving, we expect between now and before 2016. The Draco are not the same as the Annanuki(Illuminati Saturn setup), they are in fact the "master/pindar" reptilians while the Annanuki are the "warrior" reptilians. So its not the Rockefellers or Rothschild's that are behind the real running of the illuminati, It was and always has been lead by the Chinese Pindar. The Rockefellers & Rothschild are part of the Ananuki Illuminati and the other 11 bloodlines but they not the Pindar/master Illuminati. People are also getting all exited about ascension, but from the C.H.A.N.I project the entity mentioned that Ascension is nothing more than A Massive Abduction on a Global Scale! So if they come and offer you to board their vessels with promises of the future. Don't go, you will be slaves and will not progress spiritually. You are on planet earth for a reason, stay here and wait for the REAL Ascension. This will also come when another group of aliens, which we call the "Silent Elders" arrive. They will not need any ships/spacecraft or vessels to get here. They will just manifest. For this to occur our solar system has to be in a specific alignment. So we have three types of aliens arriving (and yes some are already here but most here now are those who were left behind at the end of the previous cycle, they the ones who became gods here, established mystic groups and orders) So wait for the Elders.

Again the above is put very simplistic but it is the crux of the matter as I see it. (there are of course many more layers and dimensions to this info, so please use the above as only a tool to open up further discussion and research)

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