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Subject PERMANENT Biological Contamination of the Gulf of Mexico
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Original Message [link to blueplague.org]

While natural viruses and bacteria respect species barriers, the storm of artificial genetics created by synthetic biology engineers – in order to eliminate the flow of crude oil and gasses in the Gulf of Mexico – are actually designed to cross species barriers. This has created new viral and bacterial pathogens never seen before. It is directly responsible for the spreading of drug and antibiotic resistant viral and bacterial outbreaks along the Gulf Coast, a pestilence that I have named The Gulf Blue Plague.

Synthetic DNA transfer by a virus causes an uncontrolled increase of genetically engineered genes by microorganisms. These bacteria then spread over wide distances on dust particles and in the oceans. They are ingested by birds that spread them transcontinentally when they migrate. They are also spread by fish and other marine life that also migrate from ocean to ocean. In other words, this eventually causes a worldwide distribution. But the worst part of all this is that effects on the entire earth biosphere is absolutely unknown.

We have a catastrophic biological disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. This is because the cells of all species, including those of mankind, can and do adopt foreign genetic material from both dead and live cells. According to biology and genetics scientists, this is what we can expect as a result:

1. New cross-species viruses that directly cause diseases.
2. The artificial development of new bacterial diseases.
3. The reactivation of dormant viruses present in all cells.
4. Antibiotic resistant genes in viral and bacterial pathogens.
5. The uncontrolled spread of new genes that have never before existed

"The true problem is that the horizontal transference of these modified genes between marine microorganisms is taking place, and that would be a “permanent biological contamination” of the ocean where the medium and long term effects cannot be predicted; but with complete certainty this will be a serious danger for the marine ecosystem in every area... we will end up confronting a problem for which we cannot find a solution." -- Biologist Dr. Máximo Sandín

Full article at [link to worldvisionportal.org]
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