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Subject March 15th Pole shift.. The conspiracy that WILL NOT die!! any updates thread!!?
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Hi (my name),

The evidence of the whistleblower is no where to be found. Here is what happened: I was watch the Alex Jones Radio Show last Friday via live online stream. I am retired and live 1/2 the time at my home in Los Angeles and the other 1/2 in Costa Rica. I watched him take a call from a woman, but prior to taking the call Alex Jones said the caller was a "top tier government whistleblower" disguising her voice with a very important message. I watched and listened very closely. The woman claims she works or had worked in the White House and that the Obama Administration believes there will be a geographic Pole Shift around March 15, 2011. She described this as a government cover up that she feared would result in the death of millions of people. She did not describe how Obama knows when this will happen, but that FEMA and HLS (Homeland Security) were making preparations but the reason she was calling is because she claims everyone in the top tier of government was told not to speak of this to anyone. That no statement would be made to the general public about this matter. She wants to warn everyone to get off the coasts and leave the cities and that between March 6-15 extreme earth changes, seismic activity and climate storms would occur. I was waiting for Alex Jones to start to pound her with questions but he thanked her for the call then the show went to a commercial break. It was very odd. And unlike Alex Jones to behave that way. When the commercial break was over he made no mention of the call. I was shocked. I called my brother in California and told him about it and he called the Alex Jones show but could not get through. The following day (Saturday), I watched the Friday show after it was uploaded to youtube and was again shocked the womans call, her warning, and conversation with Alex was deleted from the video. I have called Alex Jones Show but I could not get through. I have sent him emails and received no answer. I know I am not the only person out of millions of listeners who heard the call but I seem to be the only one willing to upload a video about it. Alex Jones has said that since he and Jesse Ventura teamed up to do several TruTV episodes of Jesse's show "Conspiracy Theory" that after they aired the Big Brother FEMA Camp and Underground Bunker reports that both he and Jesse were told to stand down or else. Alex claimed the he and Jesse Ventura are followed daily and harrassed by men in black SUV's. I do not doubt his claims. I do not doubt that Alex Jones is fearing for the safety of his family. I do not know if they qualified this woman caller before she went on the air with Alex on Friday, but the call was aired and after that I can only describe the situation as a black out followed. I didn't sleep much last Friday night thinking about the woman's call and because I have a wife, children and grandchildren I believe it is my responsibility to protect them. After a great deal of thought I decided to upload my own video repeating the womans claims as she stated them without adding any personal opinions. Three hours after my video was uploaded on youtube my channel was undergoing youtube maintenace and no one could play my video. Six hours of youtube maintenance ended with my video being deleted. No message was sent to me about it. Luckily someone watched it that morning and copied it and it has gone viral over the net. I understand that youtube was deleting it from some youtube channels but it can still be found. Now here is what I have concluded: the womans claims and YOUR FEMA documents add up. It makes perfect sense that FEMA knows when this event will happen otherwise how could they be requesting supply bids in advance with a deadline of Feb 1, 2011? The woman said there is a cover up and this is clearly true whether Alex Jones is afraid to talk about it or not. Before watching las Friday's show I watched two youtube videos giving the March 15th date but I disregarded them because they were not credible. Hearing voices from angels and such is difficult for me to wrap my mind around. But the Alex Jones caller was from someone clearly educated and credible. I believe her claims. Now I have also spent a great deal of time trying to understand how the Obama administration could know when there will be a Pole Shift. There are only two possibilities: 1.) That NASA has been tracking a comet that many refer to as Planet X (Nibiru) and that based on the Earths orbit and the speed of the comet NASA can determine a approximate date when it will pass by the Earth, or 2.) That the U.S. Government will use HAARP to create/cause a global catastrophe which is in line with what the trillionaire globalists like David Rockerfeller and George Soros talk about concerning depopulation. With all the chemtrails, poisoning of food, drinking water, medication and the gradual silent steps taking place by Homeland Security and the Military I can believe one of the two possibilities is about to occur. I am no expert, I am just a retired guy trying who see's what is going on and asks questions. The other factor that is separate but in line with the globalists agenda is the artificial value of the U.S. Dollar overseas and the artificially inflated stock market in the United States. I travel extensively to other countries as a tourist and was surprised that many countries would no longer accept the U.S. Dollar. The dollar has been in steady decline outside the U.S. for the past year and a half. Then suddenly the value of the dollar froze and has not moved by one single point in the past 25 or so days. This is impossible because the value is always changing based on many factors, but it is frozen now! I didn't think much about it until a woman named Lisa Steiner (youtube channel steinerny21) had a video where she was being interviewed by a man asking her questions and she said the dollar was artificially frozen as was the gains in the stick market because the U.S. government asked it's allies to stop the decline temporarily so it can set up controls to deal with a national panic when the freeze is released some time within the next 60 days. She claims the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury cannot even pay the interest on the interest payments to the world banks, China and other countries it owes money to. She told everyone to buy 6 months worth of food now because a $2 quart of milk will become a $6 quart of milk when the U.S. government releases the freeze. That means everything will triple in cost because she said the true value of the dollar is around 0.30 cents! Of course, if there is a Pole Shift or man-made catastrophe all the world economies would crash anyways, but I sent the link from her video to more than a dozen people and when they tried to view her video her channel was not there! Again, this seems very strange. If anyone tried to expose the government their channel is closed or their videos are deleted. Frankly, I am surprised you channel is still active and your videos are available for viewing. I have also received threats in my comments, one was "Watch your step" probably from some nutcase. But until my wife and I return to the states at the end of February I do not want to make waves. I just hope I am not on a "No Fly List" because that would be a mess! There are a lot of people uploading videos with theories and opinions but when you start to name people, corporations, website links, I think you become a target of the government. They have these new FUSION Spy Centers across the nation and their sole purpose is to spy on people's activities via what you do online, what you purchase using your debit or credit cards, all sorts of stuff. I am nobody important and I have no desire to be famous or sell any thing. But I am a patriot and I do believe our government has been hijacked and that they will think of a crisis to declare martial law and implement "Presidential Directive 51" taking away everyones freedoms and rights to make way for a new authoritarian globalist government. They inch in that direction little by little every time the mainstream media distracts the mass population. My wife and I are angry and upset. We want the truth revealed to the American public because we know some thing big is about to happen, some thing very bad. That is all I can tell you. I continue to search the net for evidence, but 70% of everything online is either lies, disinformation or some nutcase so actually finding the truth is difficult. I will keep you posted. I admire what you guys are doing and watched your videos before all this started. Just don't stop. Thank you, _ and ___
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