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Subject This whole mess in Egypt is a HUGE OCCULT RITUAL. Check this out:
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Original Message Needless to talk about blood sacrifice in Tahrir Square, exact 13 Km from Giza pyramids. I believe that the Illuminati are staging, or attempting to, the drama of Marduk aka Ra and Princess Inanna, before the Pyramid Wars described by Zecharia Sitchin, in "The War of Gods and Men" in the Earth Chronicles. And I may sound crazy, but I bet it's connected with the Arizona shooting, once that, IMO, Gabrielle Giffords is the current Freemason archetype of Inanna/Phoenix that came back from the Underworld after she died victim of a conspiracy created by Marduk and brought back to life by ENKI. And I believe that Mubarak is the archetype of Marduk/Ra.

Stay with me and check all these cabalistic numbers: Giffords was shot in Jan. 08 (2011, 01 + 08 = 9). Exactly 16 days later (1 + 6 = 7), in Jan. 24 (01 + 2 + 4 = 7), started the riots in Egypt.

Don't shoot me yet, before you see THIS:

IMAGE ( [link to s3.postimage.org] )

IMAGE ( [link to s3.postimage.org] )

Yep! Guess who's well visible in the skies of Egypt, rising bright, entering in OPHIUCHUS house???? The beloved "Morning Star" of the Freemasons. Lets go back to cabalistic numbers: MSM officially announced the "addition" of OPHIUCHUS, the 13th sign, to the Zodiac, in Jan. 13. The bloodbath in Tahrir Square, is happening 13 km from Giza.

I put the coordinates of Giza on Stellarium, and set up the date back to Jan. 24, when started the riots. The magnitude of Venus, seen from Giza, is -4.21 (4 + 2 + 1 = 7).

I think that the Illuminati are pushing the strings to ban Mubarak (sounds a little bit like an anagram with Marduk/Ra) from Egypt, just like happened with Marduk, after Inanna's revenge. But before he got banned, he was defeated, humiliated and entrapped in Giza. Just like Mubarak is entrapped in Cairo. Ain't no Freemason, so I can't go further elaborating this shit, but I doubt that all these coded numbers and archetypes based in ancient Anunnaki conspiracies, are coincidence.

You judge!

Idol1 damned
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