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Subject love you all, My vision, don't be afraid anymore...... .......
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Original Message my gift to you all, spread the word,
open your eyes,

watch the links and search the web to understand and realize the truth. thats the key, then the fear shall flee.

(1) 2 comets, one whitish red positive charge,1 whitish blue negative charge, side by side, size of mercury, both,
(2) on a weird orbit, that comes back every 26000 years,
(3) comets are electric magnetic in nature, and travel through the galaxy boosting up all thats good positive vibrating frequencies , and un boosting all thats not negative vibrating frequencies ,
(4) Jesus brought the new gene that we all have now, and this is to be activated , and its called the carbon 7 gene,
(5) pole shift happens in 3 stages,
(6) starts with power blackout.
(7) the upper atmosphere ignites , ive just read that somewhere,
(8) dna electric shock, original human dna blueprint returns 12 strands,

(8) our space brothers and sisters,who are keeping the disasters at bay, devised a plan to save everyone .
keep the faith,

there are 2 comets side by side, ones red and ones blue,
the red one has a positive charge,
and the blue one has a negative charge

their jobs as with all comets, is to keep order , in the cosmos, so when these two brothers sweep around the sun, in between mars and jupiter, before flying back to the center of the galaxy for another 26,000 years, comets my friends, are not what they seem, they soak up access electric and magnectic energy in space , and discharge energy where needed, thats why you got to show no fear, everything vibrating positive, will get their 12 strands of dna back,

that's why they have started all these revolutions in Arab countries,

[link to viewzone2.com]
[link to www.youtube.com]

you've all had enough clues now, its time to start believing in you own gut instinct,
not much time ,

THE QUESTION I WANT TO ASK YOU, is, do you think the world is more than 50% positive cause thats the way its got to be, when the comets pass by, thats why the powers that be, want you to fight amongst yourselves and increase the negative, do you understand,,,,,,

don't worry too much about the volcanos earthquakes , flares, neuclear attacks, cause our space brothers and sisters are watching out for those,
when you see past the fear, and look past and through the drama of it all, you will start to enjoy it, for what it really is,

the faster we get everyone to understand, the better for humankind, cause evil will get more evil, and good will evolve,

just designed to infuriate the people more and more, increasing the negative energy.

will also explain all the incompetence of western politicians, and bankers. and the negative race/sex/crime stories in MSM newspapers, most notably the Daily Mail, which you ALWAYS see posted on here. they are DELIBERATELY creating negative energy.

is it all making sense now.

we all have our angels with us , sending thoughts into our heads, like i say my friends, just go with your instincs, all the clues are here for all to see, stop waiting for someone else to tell you of whats to come, no one knows you , more than yourself , feel the truth, remember who you are, everything you have every seen done or heard will come into play in the near times ahead,
do no let yourself fall into survival mode, think of others before yourself, its all about positive frequency,

[link to www.youtube.com]

[link to www.youtube.com]

On October 24, 2007, Comet 17PHolmes brightened dramatically by a factor of a million. Within 24 hours, it had gone from a small 17th magnitude comet to a magnitude of 2.5, easily visible with the naked eye. It wasn't finished its impressive display just yet though. Holmes kept expanding until by mid-November it had become the largest object in the solar system and had surpassed the Sun in volume. The diameter of the coma had grown from 28 thousand kilometres to 7 million km.

The diameter of Holmes' coma had grown by a factor of 250 and the volume had increased by a factor of 62 million to an impressive 180 quintillion (18 zeroes) cubic km. The volume is currently 5 times that of the sun. You might think that this remarkable behaviour would be big news, particularly among astronomers. A prominent Astronomy magazine recently published their top ten news stories of 2007. Surprisingly, this spectacular comet was not named as the top story. It didn't even finish in the top ten. In fact, the entire magazine completely ignored the comet. There was not even an editorial comment. Additionally, there was little if any newspaper or TV coverage. How could this be, you might wonder?

[link to www.thunderbolts.info]

[link to www.sott.net]

[link to www.youtube.com]

The standard model used to explain comets as dirty snowballs was concocted by Fred Whipple over fifty years ago. This theory has a very difficult time explaining Comet Holmes.

you will see the negative people turn before your very eyes, do not be drawn in by the drama, my good friends, or you will loose the game,
i'm not a preacher, just one of many who understand,
you should all be thanking a guy called jesus you may of heard of him,
i'll let you all into a little secret,
a bit deeper down the rabbit hole,

[link to www.youtube.com]

jesus was carrying a new gene, he married Mary , in king solomans temple, they had a child, called Sarah, where they escaped because the jews where unhappy that jesus picked a gentile to carry the gene, anyway they escaped, sailed all the way to the south of France traveled through France, then through england until they ended up in Scotland, which in those days was called Alba, land of the free ( the new Jerusalem edinbrough, old town , new town, calton hill , right in the center where jesus was crucified, pontious pilate, born in fortingal 5miles from Edinburgh, Roslyn chapple, ,the clans protected them the clans pictish, came from syria, built adrians wall to protect the gene of god, thats why the ditch is in england and the bank is in Scotland, and after the jews built the roman army and the catholic church, they proceeded to invade england, where pontious Pilate did his deed,
when the east heard of what had happened, they road a giant army, to rid the world of evil, the roman army heard of what was happen , buried their treasure, all over the countryside, and prepared for battle in the middle of France,

[link to www.youtube.com]

[link to www.youtube.com]

[link to www.youtube.com]

[link to www.youtube.com]
[link to www.youtube.com]

Now you may have heard of the Arabian nights,(Muslim brothers and sisters, they have saved our asses once now they are trying again, and your all calling them, we should unite, we all have the same god gene,) they destroyed the roman army in France, for freedom, Rome fell quickly without an army,
but the DNA gene spread, baby's where royalty and spread throughout the world, thats why all the cathedrals and beautiful churches, first born baby with the gene baptized, eventually everybody through absconded royals and secret love affairs, most of the planet have the new carbon 7 gene,
and when these two comets come by, give a little thank you to Jesus,

all this as been forgotten over time and by evil doings,

john 10.

and my efforts once again will probably be deleted, as usual, but this truth will come out soon and everyone will know why English is the most spoken, England had colonies everywhere, america, mayflower, Australia, all genes 2000 years ago came from Scotland, don't believe me, check it out for yourself.

loads of facts, even the templers treasure oak island money pit canada, william st clair rosslyn chapple,,

[link to www.mysteriesofcanada.com]

even the statue of liberty, sandals, is mary magdalane this is the secret until now,

[link to www.articlesbase.com]

Dear brothers and sisters, this game we are in is about evolving our awareness, individual you, so forgive these people who do wrong, knowing how money got them like that, and how lucky you where, not born into money, we will all learn a lesson for humankind, smile , .

you will clearly see them, they are the size of mercury, the poles will flip in 3 stages, when they line up with the sun and the earth, march does look probable for the first, October 28th second, 21 12 2012 as it sweeps round they sweep round the sun re energizing our planet and the whole field, and consciousness and evolution of DNA will take pace at a crystaline level with the carbon 7 gene, check the crystal caves caverns out,, they receive the frequency,

I believe we have the beginning of a theory in this thread, to answer all questions, like why all the secrecy, and myths monsters, folk law, everything, with dna mutation, remember american werewolf in London, dr jeckle mr hide, ect may explain why we have so many different animals on the planet,

there's a lot more going on here than meets the eye,
because ghost are part of the layers of the magnetic field,in emotional recorded imprints in time, then you have other dimensions, so we will see a lot more weird things with our vision than we are use to, so expect the unexpected,

check this new info, the sun emits flares, hit earths upper atmosphere, aerosol particles mix the hydrogen and oxygen atom and cause a mist, which falls down makes clouds, thats why we got so much water, and the sea levels are rising,
isn't that how haarp works .

why does it all make sense to me, am i crazy,
when we where young, we thought life would be mysterious, magic, fairies,flying,
maybe its going to come true,


Some more vids ive made for you all, try to understand, open your hearts to the truth,,

love you all dearly,

[link to www.youtube.com]
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