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Subject Bible fanatics
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Original Message It´s a pity, that the hardcore Bible fanatics are too limited by their dogmas in their thinking to be open for a new spiritual view of the things. They also reject the reincarnation.
They look upon the Bible as the ultimate truth. Everything that is written in the Bible is valid as the only truth, universally valid and even valid for all time. What is not mentioned in the Bible is false.
This hinders them to develop.
There are so many faked Channelings on Internet. Every Channeling where God personally gives messages are fakes!
Mystics are mediators between God and the humanity. They are so to say “nearest” to God. Above all, no mystic in history was in direct contact to God, because such a “soul God” does not exist.
I tell you on the basis of my experience and knowledge and my high-level talks and my close contact to Jesus, that there exists no personal God.
The reason why I left the Catholic Church was that their doctrine is wrong in many main items. The Bible is falsified and basics – like the reincarnation – are deleted.
I tell you also that the Bible fanatics cheat because of spiritual jealousy and produce “Channelings”. Very similar to Bible texts, because on the one hand they want to confirm the Bible texts and on the other hand they want to approve their own text via the Bible texts. Often they post parallel the similar Bible text.
Because they think that a personal God exists, they naturally use the assumed highest source in case of Channelings as a mean to cheat. This was verified by Jesus to me.
I do not accuse anybody because of assumptions. It has also nothing to do with a belief system. I judge on basis of my knowledge.
Logically, the Bible fanatics will now rise to speak – they must defend their identity. However, I will already be satisfied if only one of the readers recognizes the truth and unmasks such Channelings as a deception.
I do not follow a dogma; I follow my own experiences – knowledge from experience. It is knowledge at first hand. One comes only closer to God with own experiences and emotion of the own mind. With reading a book, to piffle in forums, the producing of faked Channelings and a heart that is not open for new aspects, you will only ruin your eyes and lose God out of sight.
I hope all of you are so glad to experience God in a very personal way, like I do. Though there is no God whom one could see or hear, one can come in contact with God and feel him, however, only by parts of him. In the metaphysical area he shows by contact with your Higher Self or by communication with spiritual beings as for example Jesus, Maria, various archangels, Ascended Masters, in the meditation or in dreams – some people – like me for instance – met Jesus or Maria even here in 3 D personally.
In the physical area you can experience God by people, animals and the nature. Maybe you have sat already once on a small clearing in a wood and you thought about, „this is how I imagine the paradise“. At this moment you might feel and experience the divine. At such a moment exists only the being, the feeling - mediated through the nature.
A man was completely disappointed and cried: „God…..speak to me!“
….. a bird started to sing…….
However, the man did not hear him……
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