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Subject Shut down all nuke plants now! How to decommission a nuclear plant! Safely, or the Illuminati way?
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Original Message [link to ludb.clui.org]

In 2001, the "Trojan" 1,000-ton 1,130-megawatt reactor was encased in concrete foam, and coated in blue shrink-wrapped plastic, then shipped up the Columbia River on a barge to the Hanford Nuclear Site in Washington, where it was placed in a 45 foot deep pit, and covered with six inches of gravel, making it the first commercial reactor to be moved and buried whole. The plant went on line in 1976, and was said to have been built on an Indian burial ground. When it shut down 16 years later, it was the largest commercial reactor to be decommissioned.

As you all know by now, many of our Nuclear plants are on fault lines.

As you may not know, the Illuminati are using HAARP to trigger earthquakes (under cover of a super moon and easily forecasted solar maximum). The ability to do this was first discovered by a geologist searching for natural gas in Roseburg Oregon. Now, HAARP is being used to trigger earthquakes all over the planet, including but not limited to Christ Church on 2/22/11, and the Japanese Earthquake on 3/11/11. These are Illuminati dates.

Electro-Magnetic Pulse equipment can be used after each Earthquake to knock out "fry" the electrical controls and mechanisms associated with the valves, diesel engines, and other backup generators at the nuclear plants..

In my opinion, the half-sized unmanned shuttle "X-37B" (currently orbiting our planet for 270 days)likely has HAARP, EMP and Blue Beam technology. X-37B is in theory controlled by the Air Force. However, it is also a tool of the Illuminati.

You may remember that the Illuminati are composed of 13 primary bloodlines, and that they consider 39 (a meeting of 3 representatives from each bloodline (example Bildeberg group)) to be one of their most powerful numbers.

X-37B where B is second in the alphabet.

X-37B = X-37 + 2 = X-39. (Think X-39 Space modulator)

I think this technique (HAARP induced earthquakes followed by EMP to disable Nuclear plant controls and engines) will be used again and again unless these reactors are mothballed. Sorry Mothball.
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