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Subject I have been contacted by Etīs my whole life, I have also had missing time. I also have a lot of UFO footage that I have filmed myself.
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Original Message Hello to all you GLPīers, I would like to share a story with you, Iīll also answer any questions you might have.

My Name is Michael Lee Hill, I have been contacted by Etīs my whole life, I have also had missing time. I also have a lot of UFO footage that I have filmed myself.

My UFO footage has been featured on art bellīs Coast To Coast web site. Here is the Link....
[link to www.coasttocoastam.com]

I have also been interviewed And featured on my local CBS news regarding my footage, The link doesnīt seem to be working now, I had posted it here at GLP when it was still up, but I have everything on VCR tape. They tried to play my footage on the 11:00 news but there was a mysterious glitch with there equipment (Their words), They replayed the story the next day with the extra added bit about how they tried to show the footage the previous day, How there was a "strange interference" and how the problem fixed itself when they went on to the next story.

That actually scared me, I thought I would get a Men in Black visit after that :-)

The Ohio "Disclosure Project" Rep has also been looking into some of the footage, By the way, the US Govīt came out the next day (This craft was reported over 7 states) and said it was an Atlas missile, but I have the footage to disprove that. And As the D.P. investigator points out...."Do the Atlas rockets typically strobe like this? What is the second strobing object if the first is the rocket? Is it the Satellite? Should the Satellite be strobing?"

You will see in this footage 2 craft, one large, one smaller orb of light. My Original footage is actually much clearer than this...
[link to www.clevelandufo.com]

I guess the question is how I have all this footage. The answer is they are in contact with me Telepathically and nudge me to be at a certain place certain time and sure enough, they show up and I film them.

The actual filming of their craft is a new phase, Up till now, I have been educated, during my "awakening", on the whole mental energy/Beliefs creating reality bed of knowledge, then I was told by my guides that I was here to spread this "spiritual" bed of information through vibration (Music) and when I learned what I needed to, I would be put into a position where my message would reach the masses. If I only had the courage to step out of my old life, that the doors would open that I needed to open, & I would meet the people I needed to meet to make my own "dreams" become reality, and effortlessly .

I listened to their suggestion and quit my job of 14 years, that was in 2000, to concentrate on my music. Within 4 months I was personally selected out of thousands of entries by Grammy Award Winning (11 nominations!) guitarist Steve Vai as the winner of the Ibanez/Steve Vai guitar Challenge.

I guess my real "4400" power would be that I Channel Spiritual knowledge musically, I am Also here to help prepare the masses for First Contact through my footage & music.

Anyhow, Vaiīs web publicist and personal assistant Richard Pike (At That time) offered to help me release my latest CD "Frozen Thought", He created a Website... WWW.Michaelleehill.com , Created a press kit, and handled all the publicity, itīs done really well and people have been enjoying the vibe the CD communicates.

That led to me signing a record Deal with Platinum Groove Entertainment WWW.PGE.CC Look under Alt. Rock, there is actually a video/commercial there you can check out.

Also I have signed major guitar endorsement deals
[link to www.emeraldguitars.com]
[link to www.pawarguitars.com]

Iīm telling you all of this to let you know there is a lot of "Story" surrounding my ufo footage and itīs all connected. And thereīs lotīs more.

but, thatīs enough for now.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Michael Lee Hill
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