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Subject Large Group Of Alien Abductees ALL Have Same Bizarre Reaction To Japan Quake ?!?!?
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Original Message Abductees Experience Bizarre Reaction To Japan Quake
By: Alien Photog
Date: March 15th, 2011

At this point in my life, I pride my self in not only going against the grain in terms of journalism as a whole ... but I like to think I can help fight the propaganda by simply reporting the truth.

When the quake hit off the coast of Japan a few days ago, I had a hard time deciding how I wanted to cover the event. In the age of the internet, trying to be the first to report disasters is not only swimming upstream, but it misses the mark entirely.

It is my opinion that the reports of what a certain group of people ... alien abductees ... experienced shortly before and after the disaster. I suppose I should say it is "chilling" that we all had almost the exact same physical and mental reaction to it ... but oddly, I somehow find it comforting.

The night of the quake ... I knew to check the computer before bed. Sure enough, I read "8.9 EQ Hits Japan. Tsunami Warnings Issued". I had an odd reaction. I hit hyper drive. I started downloading video, making posts here at AlienAddictions.com and somehow this went on for hours. I recall very little of it. I was extremely emotional about the event, which is unusual for me. I cried for about 15 minutes at the horrible deaths of what is still, to this point, countless victims.

The next few days were "blurry" for me, as I look back on it. At some point along the way, I started a forum post here. I had been experiencing very bizarre personal symptoms recently. I knew certain events were to trigger certain states of mind and focus. This was one of them ... I wondered ... "could it be possible we ALL responded like this to the same event?".

As it ends up, we found the answer was yes, pretty much ALL abductees/contactees/hybrids had the SAME mental and physical effects. As did their kids, as did other members of their families. I'll post some of their comments soon ... but first I want to explain that I was given one clear message when this happened.

The message was simple and vague as usual from the aliens/angels ... They said "It's time. Go!"

The following are quotes from members here that had an eerily similar response to this event.

Check out the link below for the multiple accounts of abductees having the SAME physical reaction ... much to their surprise.

[link to www.alienaddictions.com]

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