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Original Message Man, i'm sick of it. I pay an ungodly amount of taxes, i'm talikn like over $2000 PER FUCKIN MONTH to our government.......and to add insult to injury almost daily i see people (99% of the time minorities)reaping the rewards of my hard work and dedication.

Just yesterday i watched a mexican woman argue with a county clerk about something for 30 minutes. The whole time the mexican lady is standing up. Suddenly she breaks in with, "But i'm on disability!"........really? You can stand up for 30 minutes arguing, but you're disabled? I have laid 1000 feet of tile over 15 hours with pinched nerves in my back. I have shingled school buildings with a broken foot, AND pinched nerves. I have worked 18 hours per day on commercial fishing boats with borderline carpal tunnel, and a bad back.
There's too many jobs i've done injured and broke down to even number, yet i go to the store and see 400 pound, young black men using food stamps for twinkies, and rolls of cash for beer.

I drive down through the East side and see people BBQing at FUCKING midnite. Their kids in diapers waddling through the streets as their folks drink their 'juice' and smoke their ribs. They seem to always have weed, cigarettes, beer, and fastfood to cram in the fatass faces. I never see any of them up before noon. I seriously get happy if i see a black man in a car at 8am on his way to work....but drive around at 2am and they're all over the place. I know they aren't getting up and going to work after BBQing and drinking till sun-up.

Man, this shit has to stop. The ones who work their asses off and save and try and be diligent with their money are the ones who have to raise the ones who are too lazy, dumb, and rude to even try and get a job. They don't have to work cause their 'homey' or 'auntie' or cousin works down at the welfare office and 'has their back' and can 'hook them up'.

I'm ready for doom on this country. I'm ready for these fucking leeches of society to be bitch-slapped with the reality that the free ride is over. I can't wait to watch them flip the fuck out and destroy and loot each other till they start starving to death. Doom is needed to sweep up the trash........

*end of rant.
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