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Subject Question for upcoming “Elite” hidden Doomsday Conspiracy Believers: re events in Japan
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Original Message I am just curious, as the recent events in Japan got me thinking. Let’s assume there is a ELE event coming, Pole shift, Ice Age, comet, asteroid, planet X, super volcano, etc) and the “elites” (however you define people in the know) know of and are planning to try and “escape” it.

In watching the events in Japan, it has worried me that given the number of nuclear reactors in the world, if an ELE event occurred all those plants would become unmanned, likely unpowered and ultimately would meltdown. I would think that if all the nuclear reactors in the world went through uncontrolled meltdown and explosions of fuel rods, etc at roughly the same time, would any place on the planet be habitable?

I would assume that “run for higher ground” would be pointless, since the radiation would spread across the entire globe. So the only potential viable option I could image for the Elite’s in the know would be to head underground, (assuming the ELE event did not cause massive earthquakes or make being underground just as dangerous).

But how long could they stay there and how would they survive without fresh air, food and water for the decades needed (being optimistic) for the radiation to drop to levels making the earth became habitable again?

I know bunkers can be made to withstand a lot of damage/radiation. That “life support systems” could be installed, greenhouses, etc. But the power that would be need and the size of the bunker that would be needed to create a self-sustaining population of any size for tens of decades, (assuming that everything has a self-life and “spare-parts” will only be what can be stored in the bunker) is utterly mindboggling.

It would seem to me that if an ELE is upcoming and cannot be stopped that the survivors of such an event, regardless of planning would then face an extremely toxic and uninhabitable radioactive world.

Just curious if anyone else was thinking about this and if so what your thoughts are?
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