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Subject The offer the Illuminati was made
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Original Message Dear GLP,

Referring to a thread posted by "13", i would like to post the details of the offer proposed to the Illuminati by the Creator.

As you may or may not be aware, the Illuminati at its highest levels are Vampiric by nature. This then filters down through various ranks of Warewolf Clans. They use these diseases as a way of "rewarding" members of the lower echelons for various services such as sacrificial offerings (usually first born sons) and additionally pedophile sex slaves and assassins (predominantly first born girls and boys). To be honest the goings on of this filthy bloated "Old Ones" club is not really of any interest for me to divulge, but be certain that whatever you deepest desire or perversion it could be catered for in exchange for Monetary and Intellectual Capital and an unwaivering allegiance to them. This unfortunately is the filthiest root of the society of self proclaimed Elites who have governed us from behind a masquerade of superiority and divine appointment, none of which is even close to being truth. And to be honest the're an inbred collective of profoundly psychotic and deeply deprived individuals. But enough of my personal disgust at what they have become.

The concept of the "movie" as originally reported by 13 is actually far deeper than the collective information gathered by ET's assisting us in the uprooting of this collective. I say this because among many other wonderful and deeply spiritual psychological, and metaphysical advances we are about to embark upon, the one that excites me the most is the Psychic Awakening of the Human race. And as you can imagine, trying to maintain a position of covert governance over a society of psychicly perceptive individuals would be akin to attempting to nail blamanche to a wall. Furthermore, lies, propaganda and disinformation will be as scarce as hens teeth. But the real sting in the tail in store for those who have for all this time seen themselves as superior to us is that for the more acutely sensitive Psychic's, it will be possible to look back into their past and reveal the horrors of the're decadence. You cannot hide from PSY!

God basically offered to wipe their previous lives from existence, in essence to reintroduce them as new souls into the fold, surprisingly <sic> their arrogance in maintaining their continued grip on humanity has set them up for the greatest of falls. I guess theres not enough empathy between them for even an inclination of this Psychic awakening to considered a possibility. Ironic...
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