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Subject I did a tarot reading for the world.
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Original Message I started seriously studying and practicing the tarot a couple of months ago, although I have been studying it on and off for several years. Last night, I decided to do a reading for the fate of the world, of Earth and its people. Here are the results. If you think tarot is meaningless, then move along, I guess. Otherwise, please let me know what you think. If there are other tarot readers out there, maybe you can elaborate on the results I obtained.

I did a four-card spread: one card for the past, one for the present, one for the future, and a fourth card for the overall gist of the reading.

One thing that I've always been told about tarot is that if a card "jumps" out at you (as in, you're shuffling the deck and a card pops out, or you draw one card and another is stuck to it) that you should keep that card and factor it into the reading. In my reading last night, a fifth card did jump out when I pulled the fourth card. Here's what I got:

The past: Six of Cups. On its own, this card traditionally stands for childhood, innocence, playfulness, being carefree. It can even stand for having a baby in certain cases. The way I interpreted this card for my reading is that humanity has been childlike for too long, becoming obsessed with the material world, technology, money, sex, and all the fun things in life. All the while, we've been ignoring what's really happening around us, the matrix that we're in, the system we're slaves to. The world has been on a dangerous, dark road for years, and the vast majority of people turn a blind eye to it all.

The present: Seven of Cups. Traditionally, this card can be a card of fantasy, overindulgence, or even delusion - living in a dream world and ignoring reality. This goes hand-in-hand with the card I drew for the past. This is really a card whose meaning depends on the surrounding cards, and in this case, my interpretation is that many people are kidding themselves right now. With everything that is happening in Japan and across the entire world, so many people still choose to believe that everything is going to be fine and they carry on with life the way it always has been.

The future: Seven of Pentacles. This is traditionally a card of changing direction and also of evaluating our situations in life. The deck I am using (The Animals Divine Tarot by Lisa Hunt) says that this card also stands for facing fears and pushing our own boundaries. Again, to me, this card works very well with the others. Most people are going to be forced to face the truth of what is happening to our world, and stop living in a fantasy.

The overall meaning: Death card, reversed. Many people believe that when a card is reversed, the card takes on the opposite meaning of what it would normally have. This is untrue. From everything that I have read, a reversed position can simply mean that what the card foretells will be less intense or slower to arrive and carry out. And the Death card rarely, if ever, stands for actual, physical death. It stands for grand change and destruction followed by transformation and renewal. If you want to change yourself for the better, then part of you must die. And I think that we will be seeing this on a worldwide scale soon. How it will happen, I do not know. But it is obvious to me and many others that Earth is about to go through this transformation and rebirth.

One more note on this card: In my deck, the Death card features Sedna, an underwater deity of the Inuit people of the Arctic region. She was drowned as a mortal woman, and then her spirit became a sea goddess. It's interesting to me that this card features an underwater goddess when there is so much happening with our oceans right now (the oil spill, tsunami, and nuclear runoff all come to mind). We are destroying our oceans, the source of all life on our planet. If there are water deities, well, they are probably not happy right now.

The fifth card: The Wheel of Fortune. First off, this card was the one that jumped out at me. So, in my mind, this card is very important to the overall reading. It stands for destiny, change, and the opportunity for growth and transformation. One website even says that it can stand for witnessing miracles.

I think that my reading really seems to fit with everything that is happening in the world right now. And it reinforces my personal belief that we are about witness huge, momentous changes. If we're lucky, then we will also witness something beautiful result from all of the destruction that we may see in our lives and on a worldwide scale.
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