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Subject Any dreams, visions or words lately? Please post them here!!!
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Original Message I thought I would start this thread since there seems to be a lot of people here that are also having dreams and visions.

It really seems as if we are living in the last days....there are signs all around us:

wierd signs with the sun
bizarre weather
strange strains of viruses
WWIII on the horizon
New World Order
have I forgotten anything??

Remember what the Word says?

'In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.'

Acts 2:17

Well, this really seems to be happening. It is really cool, but also very sobering.

Why would we be getting these dreams, visions and words? To sound the alarm for ourselves, our loved ones and whoever else will listen. These are warnings and wake up calls.

SO, the purpose of this thread is for people to report all that they are seeing and hearing from GOD. That can definately include any Scripture that has meant something to you! (EDIT: Share from a Christian perspective, please)

I'll start by giving the dream I had 2 nights ago that really, really shook me up:

I was with a bunch of people in the woods and we were indoors in a lodge-type building. We knew there was some danger, but it seemed far off and nothing to worry about. However, there was one person who was concerned and said he would be the watchman outside while we slept. No one was concerned.

Right away it was the next day. I went outside to see the watchman and he seemed very alarmed. He had a geiger counter and showed it to me. It was in the danger range. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and thought it might be a false reading. Therefore, he gave it to me and I started testing all over the place. When I went inside the lodge it registered normal, when I went anywhere outside it registed in the yellow/orange danger zone.

The next thing I saw in the distance marching down a hill was an army of cloaked/hooded entities. I say 'entities' because you could not see any faces and they sort of floated down the path. There was a sense of real evil with them and I quickly ran inside where I felt safe. Then I woke up.

The 'entities' looked like the 'grim reaper' and my first sense about them was they were angels of death.

P.S. I want this thread to be open to discussion and any questions that I can possibly answer!! Peace!
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